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PixelPlex Issues an Update on its CryptoAPI — Blockchain API as a Service (BaaS)

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PixelPlex presents its CryptoAPI that aims at helping enterprises create an easy transition when connecting DApp endpoints to the blockchain.

PixelPlex is a company with a reputable record in offering blockchain-oriented solutions to enterprises. The company has built a CryptoAPI solution that allows users to seamlessly connect DApps to a blockchain network fast and on zero commission. There have been significant challenges connecting DApps on a blockchain network for a long time due to unwanted infrastructure and server expenses, continuous blockchain revision, and the need to maintain a team. In addition, there was difficulty retrieving token transaction details and a need to update the code continuously. These are issues the company’s API has dealt with effectively.

While speaking to the company’s founder and CEO of PixelPlex, Alexei Dulub, he said this. “Anyone, no matter the level of the complexity of their business logic or domain specifics, can capitalize on our CryptoAPI. It is for startups, individual developers, or large corporations majoring in blockchain development and engineering. It can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure and provides a faster connection between endpoints of the apps running on a distributed ledger.”

It’s universally stable for every user with a neat and understandable Blockchain API. It’s also scalable, taking care of the future growth of users as it evolves with the user amazingly well.

The API comes with numerous other benefits:

  • Allows creation of transactions and review of token transactions details. Users can also check wallets balances, contracts, and addresses.
  • Helping businesses and corporations build serverless mobile applications that are easy and quick to deploy, update, and scalable.
  • It allows instant remote access to DApps.
  • It’s a cost-effective alternative to other solutions that are complex and difficult to update.
  • It supports a massive decentralized cryptocurrency database that doesn’t require uploading.
  • Allows users to easily access Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Klay, Echo, and other networks.

According to the engineering team at PixelPlex, they are constantly looking into new trends and shifts in the API market. This helps to support competitiveness and boost their CryptoAPI efficiency. These are some of the solutions by PixelPlex through the API.

  • Decentralized database clusters: geo-distribution for handling user growth and enhancing even faster access.
  • Serverless Lambda-powered data storage: It capitalizes on Lambda’s incredible fault tolerance and availability, allowing the focus to shift to building business logic at any level of complexity.
  • Ethereum Name Service Integration: The team uses the CryptoAPI interface to simplify access to address mapping.
  • Ethereum BaaS: This is for the unconventional, cost-efficient environment for developing serverless blockchain apps. It allows users to work with remote or local Ethereum nodes, find user accounts, initiate transactions, and use smart contracts through a protected private key.
  • Colored Coins Implementation: This enables users to manage digital assets in a smarter way by allowing the establishment of custom rules and interaction with numerous advanced tools for wallets, KYC/AML, and others.
  • In-built Smart Contract Audit: Automated smart contract inspection that ensures security by tracking changes in supply, ownership tracing, transaction monitoring, and detection of vulnerabilities.

PixelPlex has completed several successful projects, including the ones with internationally recognized brands such as Hancom Inc. and CoinFlip, among many others.

About PixelPlex:

PixelPlex is a software development company offering blockchain, AI, web and mobile app development, and Internet of Things solutions. Throughout 14 years of handling clients’ challenges the company has been successfully deploying projects of all levels of complexity and scale catering to numerous industries.


Alexei Dulub


+1 646 490 0772


Table of Contents


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