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PlayStation Goes Web3? Sony’s NFT Patent Application Hints At New Direction

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A video game console maker has not publicly adopted NFTs, but tech giant Sony, the company behind the enormously successful PlayStation brand, continues to move forward behind the scenes, as evidenced by its most recent NFT-related patent filing.

Sony applied in September 2021 in the United States, which was made public this week. The document outlines Sony’s proposal to create a consistent digital framework allowing players to possess and transfer digital NFT assets across multiple video game platforms.

According to the application, the standardized format could allow for the insertion of digital assets into various computer simulations, including those of different video game titles. The document further states that the format may be readable on various video game platforms like PlayStation and Xbox.

Sony suggested these assets may include in-game skins, artwork, avatars, weaponry, and even “video game skills.” In addition, the proposal stated that they might be “connected over a network” via VR and AR headsets, smart Televisions, mobile devices, and consoles from other makers.

According to Sony, the number of PlayStation Network users reached 112 million by the conclusion of 2022. The network incorporates PlayStation 5 online-connected players and previous console and handheld hardware.

This differs from Sony’s initial step toward building a framework for NFT game assets. A patent application issued in November of last year revealed that the Japanese company intends to capitalize on the booming esports industry beginning in 2021 with various in-game digital collectibles.

According to the latest filing, Sony has claimed that modern gaming console systems must be more technologically advanced for owners to utilize their assets across different games and/or platforms.

In the past, Sony attempted to keep its PlayStation Network ecosystem separate from those of other console makers but finally gave in to user pressure and permitted cross-play. Sony’s cross-platform multiplayer initiative was partly inspired by the success of Fortnite, a popular free-to-play shooter developed by Epic Games.

Sony may be interested in a Web3 future for PlayStation based on its expanding number of patent applications. Yet, the business has repeatedly refuted claims that it engages in NFT trading. For example, in 2022, a corporate leader vehemently denied rumors that the PlayStation Stars reward program was connected to NFTs.

Table of Contents


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