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Now Possible to Send and Receive Litecoin Using Facebook Messenger

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There is a new application that will allow Litecoin (LTC) users to send and receive payments using SMS. The company Lite.im announced on Twitter a few days ago that more than 2 billion Facebook users can invest in Litecoin. This can be performed in an easy way and individuals can also send and receive this popular virtual currency.

Lite.im to Send and Receive Litecoin on Facebook Messenger

According to Lite.im, Litecoin investors and users can now send and receive LTC through messenger. Users that want to transact this virtual currency have to start a conversation using Lite.IM. Those interested users can do that here: m.me/lite.im

However, the system works in a very easy way. The conversation features a bot that helps the individual get started. In order to do so, it is necessary to be registered. Everything can be performed through the chat provided by messenger and in a few minutes the account will be created.

The registering process requires a valid email address and a phone number. Once the user provides this information, an SMS code will be sent to the telephone number provided. After confirming the code the user will have to select a password for the Lite.im account.

After all these steps, the user will receive a Litecoin wallet address to receive LTC. Everything is now ready to start sending and receiving Litecoin.

This is not the first time that Lite.im launches a service for messaging applications. In the past, the company launched the same service on the messaging app Telegram. If there are individuals that want to start using this service, they can learn more about it on the official Lite.im website.

The company behind Lite.im is Zulu Republic. On the matter, they said that they want to make cryptocurrency access possible to a wider population.

Zulu Republic commented about it:

“Lite.im brings Litecoin services to anyone with even the most basic mobile phone, regardless of whether or not they have access to the internet. With a simple Telegram or SMS message, lite.im users will be able to interact with the Litecoin blockchain, sending and receiving funds from anywhere in the world where a cellular signal can be found.”

A few weeks ago, CoinText.io launched a similar service to send and receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH) using SMS messages. The service is already available in some countries.

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Table of Contents


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