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Swell By Ripple – Will Ripple Rally Like Ethereum and Bitcoin?

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In the past 3 days, Ripple’s price increased by 20%. If you’re a fan of it, you probably know that Ripple isn’t the type of cryptocurrency to grow that much within a few days. Even more, it’s extremely hard to pump Ripple and no one would do this. So, why did Ripple grow like this – and why now?

Firstly, there’s the love they gained within the Korean community. Over the past days, they invested over $260,000,000 in Ripple and probably the amount will grow over the days. A little bit of attention might be coming from Gartner Symposium too – where Don Tapscott hold a presentation about Ripple.

Secondly, there are the obvious reasons. And more and more people find out about Ripple daily. A small example can be seen in the picture below where the Ripple CEO answers to a question on Quora.com.

And he’s actually pretty active there. You can check his profile for more details. By answering to questions regarding Ripple, he’s growing the community daily. Ripple already have almost 29,000 readers on reddit and its on his way to 30,000.

Swell By Ripple – A Bold Statement Against Sibos

I need to admit: Brad Garlinghouse is the type of guy you don’t want to mess with in business. Instead of moving the Swell Conference date a few days earlier or later than Sibos – He has chosen to put it in the same time.

This is a tough and bold move. Because right now some people have to choose which one will it be. Ripple is in a tough position now. Sibos it is already recognized worldwide, while Swell prepares for its first conference. People have expectations from Swell. I actually think the future of Ripple will be determined in a small percentage about how the conference goes. If it’s a success – we may see Ripple’s price surge.

Could Ripple Reach $1 Until 2018?

Yes. And I speak this as a guy who doesn’t have any Ripple in his wallet now. I’m not a Ripple investor, but I’m a huge fan. So, how could Ripple reach $1?

Well, in the next days I think the Korean community will invest more. And as there are 10 more days until the conference, the estimated market cap that Ripple could reach in the best case is $12 billion. This would bring the Ripple price to a $0.314 – just an estimation.

Now it’s all about the news. If Ripple have a surprise for us and they’ll announce something huge at the conference – Ethereum might lose the second place to Ripple. This means Ripple would have about 3-4 times the market cap that they have now – as more and more people would invest in it.

My assumptions are made on two things :

  1. Firstly, Brad must have an ace up in his sleeve. If he put Swell in the same time with Sibos – that means he’s sure that the conference will be a success. Which will probably make more banks interested in Ripple and therefore increasing demand.
  2. The hype. This will bring new people finding out about Ripple and even possible investors. For example, I’ve found out about Ripple a few days before a surge. Like me, more people will read about it and when they’ll understand the necessity – they’ll be fans too.

However, it all depends on Swell By Ripple and what news will it bring. Even if there won’t be any huge news – I think this will be a great way for Ripple to acquire more clients. Maybe not now, but in the next months.

Table of Contents


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