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TEEB Health Implements To Use RSK and NFTs for Digital Identity Management

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TEEB Health, a decentralized healthcare ecosystem, announced that it is now using RSK in order to manage and handle Digital Identities. Moreover, the company informed in a recent press release that they are also going to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) running on top of RSK’s blockchain network

TEEB Health to Use RSK for its Digital Identity Management

Over the last few years, NFTs became very popular thanks to a large number of projects using them and the functionalities that they offer to blockchain projects. However, one of the most interesting use cases of NFTs is now being implemented by TEEB. 

Patients know that companies control and hold their private information. However, they do not have access or control over how the company manages the data. This is why using Digital Identities and NFTs is now a promising way to handle users’ data. 

The CEO and founder of TEEB, Fernando Pardeiro, informed that they are working with a hybrid model in which they combine both digital identities and NFTs. In this way, they are able to offer better identity management systems for their clients. 

All the health information would be stored as an NFT. Moreover, the NFT represents the client and the ownership of their clinical information. Basically, individuals in this environment are able to decide who and when they get access to their private and valuable information. 

These NFTs are then a digital asset that protects users’ privacy and offers interoperability across different networks. Thanks to these solutions, patients have control over their data and can share it with the companies and people they want in just a few clicks. 

The RSK network would work in order for patients to handle their Digital Identity. Moreover, they would also be used to protect the integrity and validity of clinical data and information. 

Diego Gonzalez Zaldivar explained that they are going to offer TEEB technical support in order for the project to continue growing and expanding in the future. Moreover, he has also explained that blockchain technology was expected to play an important role in handling and managing patients’ information. 

RSK is the most secure smart contracts network in the world. It relies on Bitcoin’s hash rate, making it one of the most secure in the world. Moreover, companies and developers are able to execute smart contracts in just a few simple steps. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents