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Today Alibabacoin Released their much anticipated Cryptocurrency App

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Today, the famed Alibabacoin Foundation released their highly-anticipated Multicrypto Wallet in response to the overwhelming community support for the project. The Multicrypto Wallet is the one of the cryptocurrency wallet in the world that can store, secure, and exchange 10 unique cryptocurrencies simultaneously, all with the convenience and protection of a blockchain integrated facial recognition service—another world first.

To commemorate the historic launch, Alibabacoin is holding a one-time-only Airdrop event with massive rewards at stake.

Alibabacoin: A History of Success

The success of the Multicrypto project and the resulting Aidrop event stem directly from the overwhelming success the foundation has earned in 2018. The lofty ambitions of the company have often inspired doubt among critics, but time after time those doubts were silenced by the company’s transparency and devotion. It is exactly because of this level of commitment that the community has grown so quickly.

The Multicrypto Wallet project would not have been so successful were it not for the laser-focus the Alibabacoin team paired with the trust of thousands of intelligent investors. The foundation has proposed any ideas that seemed overly ambitious or downright impossible, but these projects continually succeed, the community grows, and the value of the ABBC coin soars. The earliest backers of the company believed in the business plan laid out in the well-formulated Whitepaper. It was this vision that so many came to believe in leading to the unexpected success of the ICO event.

Alibabacoin received far more funding than predicted due to the investor’s excitement and trust. Those funds went directly into making their plans a reality, forfeiting a chance to seize quick profits to instead invest in advanced technologies, going above and beyond their obligations.

The funding provided by the passionate investors has gone into the expansion of infrastructure, the upgrading of software systems, and the hiring of new developers, economists, and team leaders. Alibabacoin’s investment into their own vision has made their dream a reality, to develop the most advanced crypto-wallet in the world, the Multicrypto Wallet.

Multicrypto Wallet: A Game Changer

This day marks a historic event in the world of blockchain technology. The release of the Multicrypto Wallet will shape the future of cryptocurrencies and set a standard for all companies who follow it. By downloading a single free application for Android or i0S, users will have the most versatile coin storage and exchange platform in the world at their fingertips.

There is no need for multiple wallets or third-party exchangers because Alibabacoin’s wallet works with ABBC, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Z-Cash, Otum, Tether, and Verge. All 10 of these coins can be managed, exchanged, and transferred within the simple, intuitive crypto news app, without the need for a traditional password, and with an unparalleled level of protection from the advanced facial recognition software.

The Alibabacoin Foundation worked extensively with industry leaders to pioneer this technology and incorporate it with the blockchain. With their new platform, forgetting passwords is a thing of the past. The facial recognition software integrated into the application easily allows users to get into their account while keeping criminals out

Massive Airdrop Celebration

To give back to the passionate community that made this all possible, the Alibabacoin Foundation is giving away 50,000,000 ABBC. Anyone can receive rewards in this airdrop by downloading the Multicrypto Wallet application for free. The first 500,000 people to open the application will be given 100 ABBC. Users can earn additional ABBC by referring friends. Each referral a user makes will earn an additional 20 ABBC.

This is an amazing system for growing the community and extending the amazing functionality of the Multicrypto Wallet to coin investors worldwide. The airdrop runs from July 2nd to July 31st, so be sure to not miss out on the opportunity to get free coins from one of fastest growing cryptocurrencies before the price skyrockets.


With their amazing track record of success, it is easy to see why the launch of this new technology has garnered so much attention. The Alibabacoin Foundation is truly an innovator in the industry and has never ceased to please their investors.

The launch of their Multicrypto Wallet is just the first stop on their roadmap to becoming the world’s leading software platform for digital assets”. Crypto-enthusiasts and investors everywhere will be downloading the new application and getting their ABBC as soon as possible.

Table of Contents


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