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Top 10 Bitcoin NFTs You Need to Know About


Kayelee Rosales


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Kayelee Rosales



Bitcoin NFTs / NFTs

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Kayelee Rosales


Reading time

6 mins
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Key Takeaways 

  • A wide variety of Bitcoin NFT projects cater to different interests.
  • Bitcoin NFTs offer more than just digital art.
  • These NFTs are unique digital assets inscribed directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain, offering security, permanence, and potential scarcity.

The world of NFTs has exploded recently, and Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, isn’t being left behind. A new wave of innovation is emerging with Bitcoin NFTs, or “Ordininals.” These unique digital assets are inscribed directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain, offering a way to own a piece of cryptocurrency history.

But with so many new collections popping up, where do you start? Here’s a look at the top 10 Bitcoin NFTs making waves in the crypto space:

Ordinal Punks

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Ordinal Punks, the brainchild of FlowStay, are the first 100 NFT profile pictures built directly on Bitcoin, mirroring the famous CryptoPunks. Thanks to Bitcoin’s core features, these “on-chain” Punks boast verifiable ownership and limited supply (100 only). Their pioneering role adds further value. While some debate their programmability, Ordinal Punks mark a groundbreaking step for Bitcoin NFTs, introducing them with a fascinating twist – peer-to-peer trading on Discord for now.

Bitcoin Stamps

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Bitcoin Stamps are more than postage – they’re digital art collectibles living directly on the blockchain. Each Stamp boasts stunning designs and permanent ownership records thanks to blockchain security. Similar to rare physical stamps, limited quantities make them valuable for collectors seeking unique digital assets. Forget practical uses, Bitcoin Stamps cater to those who appreciate the beauty of digital art and the innovative world of blockchain. Could they be the future of collecting? Only time will tell, but they undeniably open a new chapter for digital art ownership and trade.

Rare Satoshi

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The Rare Satoshi collection, 10,000 NFTs claiming to be the brainchild of Bitcoin’s enigmatic creator Satoshi Nakamoto, has sent shockwaves through the NFT world. While the lack of concrete proof fuels debate, some calling it a marketing stunt, others cling to the possibility of a hidden message unveiling the truth. Regardless of authenticity, owning a Rare Satoshi represents a unique NFT history, a potential link to Bitcoin’s origins. 

More than just art, this collection ignites conversations on digital ownership and injects a unique storytelling element into the NFT landscape. Stay tuned for updates on Magic Eden as the saga of Rare Satoshi unfolds.

Bitcoin Birds & Bitcoin Monkeys


Bitcoin Birds and Bitcoin Monkeys offer a vibrant entry to Bitcoin NFTs. Each boasts 10,000 meticulously crafted pixel art characters, permanently inscribed on the blockchain using Ordinals protocol.

These collections leverage Ordinals for on-chain minting, guaranteeing each Bird or Monkey’s authenticity and scarcity – key factors in the NFT market.

The sheer number of unique characters (10,000 each) opens doors for a thriving online community. Collectors can find their perfect pixelated companion, fostering shared ownership and creative expression within the Bitcoin NFT world.

OnChainMonkey (OCM)

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OnChainMonkey (OCM) stands out in the world of Bitcoin NFT. It features 10,000 unique monkeys, but their innovative creation process truly sets them apart. OCM predates the Ordinals protocol by directly inscribing the code that generates each monkey’s design onto the blockchain itself. This guarantees transparency and eliminates concerns about manipulation.

Beyond the cute monkeys, OCM’s technical achievement is a significant step forward for on-chain NFTs, paving the way for future projects to explore new possibilities on the Bitcoin blockchain. Owning an OCM monkey isn’t just about the art; it’s a chance to own a piece of NFT history and be part of a pioneering project.

Bitcoin Frogs

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Bitcoin Frogs, a collection of 10,000 pixelated amphibian NFTs, have charmed collectors with their old-school appeal. These nostalgic pixelated creatures offer a refreshing contrast in a world of elaborate NFT designs. But there’s more to them than meets the eye. Minted directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, each Frog guarantees authenticity, immutability, and potential scarcity. Ownership also grants access to a thriving online community, making the whole experience more engaging.

Bitcoin Punks

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Bitcoin Punks takes the iconic CryptoPunk style and injects it with a fresh dose of Bitcoin-themed variations. This 10,000-strong collection builds on the established value and recognition of CryptoPunks but with unique twists that could make them highly sought-after collectibles in the Bitcoin NFT space. Think of it as a tribute with a unique twist, offering a chance to own a piece of both the CryptoPunk legacy and the burgeoning world of Bitcoin NFTs. 

Space Pepes

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Space Pepes injects humor and internet meme culture into the Bitcoin NFT landscape. This collection features 10,000 unique NFTs depicting Pepe the Frog reimagined as space explorers, aliens, and other cosmic characters. Beyond the amusement, Space Pepes offers several advantages for collectors.

Whether you’re a seasoned NFT collector or a casual meme enthusiast, Space Pepes offers a unique and intriguing entry point into Bitcoin NFTs. 

The Explorer Guild

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The Explorer Guild offers a revolutionary concept: NFT-powered gaming on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ditch the static jpegs – your Explorer Guild NFT becomes your playable character, companion, or powerful in-game item. This unique connection to the game incentivizes investment and fosters a thriving community of explorers. 

The project leverages Bitcoin’s technology, enabling player-driven economies with real-world value for in-game items. This is a glimpse into the future of NFTs, where they transcend art and become core components of engaging games, redefining ownership and utility. 


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This is a delightful NFT experience for history buffs. These 10,000 unique pixelated characters boast vibrant designs inspired by the early days of Bitcoin and internet culture. Owning one is like owning a piece of digital history. Minted directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, each Satoshible is guaranteed authentic and potentially scarce.

Bonus NFT Projects

Ordinal Loops

Ordinal Loops livens up Bitcoin NFTs with animation! These unique pixel art characters come alive with looping animations, making them visually stunning and collectible digital assets. This innovative approach pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on the Bitcoin blockchain, offering exciting possibilities for the future of NFTs.

Taproot Wizards

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Taproot Wizards combines cutting-edge technology with a touch of whimsy. These NFTs leverage Bitcoin’s Taproot advancement to create an enchanting digital collectible experience. Taproot Wizards goes beyond ordinary NFTs. It utilizes Ordinary inscriptions (think inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain) and the power of Taproot to deliver a unique and captivating experience for collectors.

Bitcoin Shrooms

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This project injects a playful twist into Bitcoin’s Ordinals (data inscriptions on the blockchain). Instead of the typical data, Bitcoin Shrooms uses the Ordinals protocol to permanently etch intricate mushroom designs directly onto individual Satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin). This adds a touch of whimsy and artistic flair to the often-technical world of Ordinals.

BTC DeGods

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This project merges the worlds of cryptocurrency and spirituality. Each BTC DeGod NFT features intricate artwork depicting gods and goddesses, permanently inscribed directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain using the Ordinal protocol. This unique collection allows collectors to own a digital asset that blends faith and cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts

This list just scratches the surface of the exciting world of Bitcoin NFTs. With new projects constantly emerging, the possibilities for innovation and creativity are endless. So, whether you’re a seasoned crypto collector or just starting your journey, Bitcoin NFTs offer a unique way to own a piece of history on the blockchain.