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What is Tradable Instruments and How Does it Work?

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Tradable Instrumnets

Financial markets, including cryptocurrencies, company shares, and commodities have offered unique opportunities for traders to make very large profits over the last few years. However, getting started and finding the best brokers and trading sites for what you want to trade might be somehow difficult for newcomers to the industry. 

This is why the Tradable Instruments exists, to let both new and experienced traders find lists of all the brokers and trading sites for trading the instruments they want to trade at any given time. In this post, we are going to cover some of the main characteristics of Tradable Instruments and how this website and company is helping traders navigating the jungle of online trading. 

What is Tradable Instruments?

Tradable Instruments is a website that lets users know where to trade a lot of different financial instruments. At the moment, it can be very difficult for newcomers to know where to start and which platform to use to buy different financial assets.

At the moment, Tradable Instruments is sharing valuable information about where to trade  using copy-trading services, where to trade a range of 70+ top cryptocurrencies and CFDs for popular shares, commodities, and more.

Basically, Tradable Instruments includes all details and information about where to trade all sorts of financial instruments. One of the nice things aobut this website is that they are continually updating the exisitng information on there as well as adding new cryptocurrency exchanges, CFD brokers, and instruments.

This would let investors and newcomers to the cryptocurrency market understand which platforms to use and how to search for the best resources to handle their funds. Financial markets require reliable and also professional companies offering trading services to investors, this is why Tradable Instruments is sharing unique information about all of these platforms. 

Furthermore, in order to share additional valuable information with investors and traders, Tradable Instruments has added two green meters on each of the listings included on the website. These two green meters show the popularity and customer satisfaction of each exchange, broker, and trading site. 

Customer satisfaction is measured according to TrustPilot reviews and popularity would come from traffic statistics provided by Alexa. This way, it is possible to have a clear idea of how popular and respected these companies are by looking at these objective measurements. 

Copy-Trading Services

One of the most popular services for cryptocurrency investors, traders and speculators is copy-trading services. This is also available for traditional financial investors that trade other types of financial instruments. Basically, copy-trading services let investors follow other traders and copy their strategies. 

At the moment, there are different companies in the financial market that are offering a wide range of copy-trading services. Usually, the person that copies the trades of another investor would have to pay a profit fee. If they register profits, they would have to pay a commission to the main trader that shared the information.

This offers a great opportunity for newcomers to get access to valuable information about different instruments and markets. 

It is worth pointing out that there is a large number of copy-trading companies in the market. This is why it is important to know which are some of the most reliable ones to use. Using Tradable Instruments, investors and traders does not only get information about the different websites they can use, they will also be able to compare each of these copy-trading services by looking at the popularity metrics and reading about the differences.


The cryptocurrency market has experienced massive growth over the last few years. We have seen how Bitcoin hit new all-time highs in 2021 and the market could continue moving higher in the future. The higher the price goes, the more media coverage the cryptocurrency industry, and Bitcoin in particular, seem to get.

Due to this reason and many others, there is a large number of investors and traders that would like to get exposure to Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. This is why Tradable Instruments is sharing information about the best Bitcoin trading sites currently available in the market. 

Tradable Instruments makes sure that you get information about how and where to trade more than 70 of the most popular cryptocurrencies online. But that’s not all, the site is also sharing valuable information such as max leverage available or which coins can be traded on each of the sites listed.

This is very important for investors and traders. We have seen how some exchanges have been attacked by hackers. Hence, having a reliable source of information where users can learn about the sites that offer cryptocurrency trading services is definitely important. Thanks to Tradable Instruments, crypto investors will have all the necessary information they need if they want to buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies. 


Traditional traders are also able to find useful information related to the CFD industry. At the moment, Tradable Instruments is an affiliate partner of most of the CFD brokers that write about on the website. That means that they know the services that these brokers are offering and how valuable they are for the community. 

Users can get all the information they need, which is divided into different categories. For example, investors searching for CFDs can filter by bonds, commodities, crypto, ETFs, forex, indices, and shares. Moreover, they can also add additional filters per virtual currency, shares or commodities, among other things. 

Few other sites are able to offer as detailed information about all of the CFD instruments available for trading as you find here. Tradable Instruments makes sure that everyone can get quickly educated on what brokers offers CFDs for the instruments that they want to trade.

Note that CFDs are not available for trading in the US due to regulation. Different rules around the world decides what leverage CFD traders can utilize for different instruments.


Finally, we have commodities, a type of financial instrument that is usually used by professional traders that prefer to look at fundamentals rather than technicals.

Commodities also have large price fluctuations and could be a great option for traders that are looking to capitalize on price movements due to inflation and other factors.

There are several websites that are currently being shared by Tradable Instruments. This makes it possible for users to get easy and fast access to the information they want to know about commodities.

Moreover, thanks to Tradable Instruments objective measurements, investors and traders are able to know whether the sites are popular and respected by the community.

Final Words

The goal of Tradable Instruments is to be a knowledge base for investors and traders that want to get clear and reliable information about the top online trading sites.

No matter the type of instrument they want to handle, Tradable Instruments is likely to offer valuable information about where to trade it.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents