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Why 123swap is a better option than others

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The usual process of converting cryptocurrency is time-consuming and difficult. This is due to a variety of factors, including the fragmented nature of today’s crypto environment, which provides various hurdles to traders.

Furthermore, not all trading platforms accept all currencies. As a result, traders who want to convert their currency for one that isn’t supported on the current exchange may need to relocate their account or do many conversions between intermediary currencies to achieve their aims. If a trader intends to swap coins with another trader, there is also counterparty risk.

123swap provides an ecosystem of products and service that allow users to swap, hold, transfer, receive, earn, invest, borrow, and lend tokens across various chains in a single transaction.

What is 123swap:

The 123swap platform is a decentralized finance ecosystem that allows for smooth peer-to-peer crypto-asset swapping. It offers simple, transparent, and convenient exchanges, income, and investment management options, all without the need for an intermediary. The platform aims to simplify the crypto trading mechanism while creating the least amount of slippage feasible.

The platform has created its method of exchanging cryptocurrencies in order to minimize obstacles like a confusing interface, hidden fees, a time-consuming registration procedure, and so on, and to simplify the entire process for the end-user.

Why choose 123swap:

123swap has built technologies that will allow the platform to surpass the competition, become faster, and become the best swap platform in the world.

Users can select from among the 500+ accessible cross-chain liquidity pools (Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, and many more). The platform supports the most popular protocols and displays real-time rates, the lowest fees, and the highest APY (Annual Percentage Yield).123swap provides a lost of awesome features which include:

  • ‘Simple and User-Friendly’ Interface
  • No Rate Changes During Transactions
  • There are no hidden costs.
  • Various Assets
  • A more secure option

Superior to others:

The following are the primary features/functions of the 123swap platform that set it apart from the competition:

  • View the number of transactions in real time. Displaying all of the metrics used to compute the swap will assist the user in making a more effective decision.
  • 123swap always looks for the best market rates to swap at and allows traders to engage in arbitrage.
  • Traders can pick from any of the 500+ accessible cross-chain liquidity pools (Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, and various others).
  • Community of strong-willed holders, complete platform management by the community.
  • Like uni swap or pancake swap, but with limit orders, stop-limit orders, and a variety of additional automated options.
  • A burn mechanism returns 75% of transaction fees to 123swap token holders. The remaining 25% is distributed to a token holder-controlled community development fund.
  • The 123swap platform allows users/traders to discover any trading pair they want.
  • A platform that addresses liquidity inefficiencies.
  • Like uni swap, but with 25% reduced fees. It will refund 25% of costs by airdropping the 123swap token for increased earning potential.
  • Mirror pools that are automated transfer funds together in a single transaction, reducing consumers’ gas fees.
  • 123swap will bring together premier protocols and platforms, allowing honest farmers to maximize the potential of decentralized money.
  • 123swap allows traders to transact huge amounts of assets strategically without the associated risks, allowing traders to protect token pricing without the danger of tanking the market.

More info at https://123swap.finance/

Table of Contents


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