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Why is Adventure Gold Crypto creating a buzz?

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NFT Non Fungible Token Adventure Gold


AGLD is the protocol or native of the loot non-fungible token (NFT) that has created a buzz in the private cryptocurrency market. The word non-fungible means uniqueness with no possibility of replacement, whereas cryptocurrencies are fungible in nature.

This token has been gaining popularity among gamers who play NFT games and facilitates players to earn in-game loot. These NFTs could be used to represent multiple real-world units such as photos, real estate, artefacts, digital collectables, and domain names, among others. NFTs also have ownership particulars for transfer between holders.

The idea of the AGLD token launch started taking shape with the release of a new NFT collection called loot (for Adventurers), though it was the brainchild of Donn Hoffman. It consisted of plain text detailing the fictional adventure gear of a potential game yet to be launched. Without creating any website or any marketing efforts, the NFT project went viral based on just the tweet, with other developers joining the bandwagon to create related NFT collections.

Online gaming has gained immense popularity in recent years, particularly during the pandemic. Teenagers and young adults spend a lot of time playing online games for fun, being social and interactive. One of the primary reasons for AGLD crypto creating a market buzz in the digital tokens is the twin benefits of entertainment coupled with an earning opportunity to trade in-game AGLD  from others.

Reward to loot NFT holders

Created as a reward for potential loot-related games, the Adventure Gold Crypto was offered to Loot NFT holders, providing the owner with the right to claim 10,000 AGLD. Going by the AGLD coin market price of around US$ 3 per unit, each holder was going to get coins worth about US$ 30,000 in the digital wallet. A total of 2,400 digital wallet holders managed to lay hands on one of the original loot NFTs before the entire reward was claimed.

Unique Investment Opportunity

The uniqueness of the Adventure Gold crypto could be gauged, with its large and growing community base, where it encourages referral form of endorsement. Owing to its efficient and unique protocol, online games have joined the platform, and based on its code, many derivative projects are launched. The users have an opportunity to vote on future in-game credits while adopting the AGLD token. Considering the bullishness in the counter, it’s an ideal investment choice for those looking for a new cryptocurrency with decent returns.


Though regulations are likely to take shape in the forthcoming winter session of the Parliament when a cryptocurrency bill will be introduced, an investor can buy cryptocurrency in India through one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. ZebPay, launched in 2014, is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in India, where an investor can open a digital wallet account and start buying or selling AGLD.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents