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12 Web3 Games Are Being Developed As The Immutable Zkevm Enters Testnet Phase

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The Web3 game company revealed that the public can now test its fully Ethereum-compatible network.

Immutable, a provider of web-based gaming and Polygon Labs have started testing Immutable zkEVM in public.

After Immutable announced cooperation with Polygon Labs in March, work on the zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) network started. On March 27, the mainnet of zkEVM, Polygon’s own “holy grail” scaling solution for Ethereum, went live. 

Immutable announced on Aug. 14 that its zkEVM will provide game creators lower development costs and Ethereum ecosystem security and network effects. Robbie Ferguson, Immutable’s co-founder and president, said the zkEVM increases Web3 gamers’ ownership rights in March.

GameStop, TokenTrove marketplace, Kongregate, iLogos, and others have teamed with Immutable to assist the launch.

It claimed that 12 games had started Web3 development on zkEVM. CoinArcade, Galaxy Commanders, Medieval Empires, MetalCore, Meta Toy, DragonZ SAGA, Rune Realms, Shardbound, Infinite Victory, EF Defense, and SimWin Football. MetalCore’s Immutable zkEVM beta debut is on September 15.

Immutable zkEVM testnet will use zero-knowledge proofs to protect transfers between itself and Sepolia Ethereum, allowing developers to test how the mainnet will work.

Immutable said developers may easily port Ethereum programs to the network. Developers will be able to construct gas-free wallet accounts with a “Immutable Relayer for currency abstraction and gas sponsorship” soon.

Alex Connolly, Immutable’s CTO and co-founder, called the new network “irresistible” to developers:

This chain and our platform products create the first end-to-end EVM solution for game success. “Games, players, and partners are flooding the Immutable ecosystem, making it irresistible for the next generation of web3 games.”

Immutable created the Ethereum-launched Gods Unchained Web3 trading card game. In April 2021, the business introduced Immutable X, its first zero-knowledge layer 2 network, to cut transaction fees for game players.

That network is incompatible with Ethereum’s processing engine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Immutable X users must create derivative keys via a web portal to use the network. Immutable zkEVM can now be accessed by switching networks in wallets.

zkEVMs may increase Ethereum’s scalability but also cause data inefficiencies and delay, according to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

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