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5 Reasons to Start Playing Bitcoin Poker

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Bitcoin poker becomes more popular every day. If you know nothing about this phenomenon, you’re in the right place. Scroll down below and discover what bitcoin is and why you should start using it, playing poker.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that allows transferring money worldwide, paying a low fee. These days a lot of companies use bitcoin as a payment method. It’s easy to order a cup of coffee or even place a custom essay order by using bitcoin.

Moreover, it’s not the only benefit. It is a decentralized system with no issuer that foresees the ability to transfer money securely and anonymously. There is no need to be tech-savvy to start using bitcoin. To get in, you should create a bitcoin wallet online and convert any sum in dollars into its equivalent in bitcoin.

Reasons to Play Bitcoin Poker

As it was mentioned before, bitcoin has a lot of benefits over credit cards. Let’s take a deep dive and discover why you should start playing bitcoin poker.

Anonymous Transactions

One of the primary benefits of bitcoin that makes it so popular among poker players is complete anonymity. A bitcoin wallet address is the only information you have to share using it as a payment method. However, it’s impossible to discover to whom the address belongs.

Therefore, playing bitcoin poker, even your bank will know nothing about your spendings and earnings. These days, using bitcoin is the only way to keep your balance in secret from everyone.

The question, “Can I use bitcoin to pay to do my math homework?” may appear in the minds of undergraduates. Well, there are a lot of assignment writing companies on the Internet that accept bitcoin on the Internet to ensure maximum anonymity.

Secure Transactions

Since there is no centralized issuer, using bitcoin is the safest way to transfer your money. The blockchain technology erases the ability to hack a computer and steal your money. To do so, black hats will need to hack thousands of computers at one time, which is impossible.

Low Transaction Fees

A lot of payment processors take huge commissions for transferring money from a credit card. With bitcoin, there is no such issue. You always have to pay a small transaction fee transferring any amount to any wallet. It can save you a lot of money if you like playing poker frequently.

In case you’re a student, don’t forget to pass your homework before playing poker, not to miss your deadline. If you experience any issues, feel free to get help with statistics homework to maintain a high college score.

Quick Withdrawals

In most cases, banks take a lot of hours or even days to top up your balance with your withdrawal. It’s the worst thing that happens when you want to get your money fast. With bitcoin, all the rules are equal for everyone.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide the ability to get your money simultaneously. However, an average withdrawal time with bitcoin takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Anyway, you can always pay an extra fee to get your payment processed faster.

Extra Growth Opportunities

Bitcoin isn’t a stable cryptocurrency. It grows and falls every time. Therefore, even if you’re not a great poker player, you can always earn some money by investing in bitcoin. If you’re good at both, it brings a chance to increase your winnings.

 Concluding Words

In the digital era, bitcoin is the new payment method that gains its popularity every day. More and more poker players switch to bitcoin because of the undeniable benefits over credit cards. If you want to keep your earnings safe and don’t want anybody to know about them, it’s about time to start playing bitcoin poker.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents