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Binance Futures Platform Increases Max Leverage to 125x And Implements Risk Controls

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The cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that its futures trading platform will be supporting BTC/USDT contracts for up to 125x margin and trading at 125x leverage. The new implementation starts as soon as today at 9:0 am UTC.

Binance Futures Platform Increases Leverage To 125x

Traders will now be able to select any leverage from 125x to 1x and larger positions will adjust to lower leverage allowed. Using 100 USDT collateral deposit on Binance Futures, users will be able to hold 12,500 USDT in BTC. 

As reported by the exchange, Binance Futures allow users to trade with leverage using a sophisticated risk engine and liquidation model. 

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of BInance, commented about this:

“Binance Futures offers a fast and stable platform that is designed by traders for traders. We have seen an increase in institutional participation in trading, and these professional traders seek out the most efficient ways to trade very quickly, both in terms of cost and performance.”

In addition to it, he explained that the performance of the Binance Futures systems far outstrips many other platforms in the market. This helps users have a smooth trading experience that is much better than in other exchanges. 

The main goal is to provide sustainable, stable and reliable crypto futures trading to the industry. The service includes a built-in hedging tool that helps traders manage their risk without having to sacrifice trading experience. 

Furthermore, traders are ensured with a leading risk management system and an ‘insurance fund’ that help to limit the chances of auto-deleverage. 

Moreover, Aaron Gong, the Director of Binance Futures, explained that they have seen increased activity from traders that transfer funds in and out from spot to futures platforms. 

This allows them to trade both markets in an efficient way considering they could improve their overall trading strategies. 

Binance Futures Expand

A few days ago, UseTheBitcoin reported that retail investors are helping Binance futures to expand in the market. The exchange registered a volume increase of 388% in just a few weeks after releasing the new services. 

In addition to it, the daily volume on Binance Futures surpassed the volume on Binance.com’s BTC/USDT trading pair. Binance is also one of the most liquid markets for different trading pairs, including altcoins. 

Due to this fast increase, Binance’s Futures platform became the fifth-largest in terms of volume after BitMEX, OKex, HuobiDM and CoinFLEX. 

Table of Contents


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