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Block.one CEO Believes Influencers Could Receive Between $50 And $100 Million On Voice

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The CEO of Block.one, Brendan Blumer considers the Voice blockchain network could reward influencers with $50 to $100 million in revenue. This is according to a recently shared image of a conversation with Mr. Blumer.

Top Influencers Could Earn Up To $100 Million on Voice

In a recent screenshot of a message that circulated on the Internet, Brendan Blumer says that top influencers could eventually make between $50 and $100 million jus for moving into the new platform. This is more than the net worth than many of those influencers have.

The message reads as follows:

“Think of it this way… if someone with 100 million followers switched over to voice and 50 million follow, we expect they could make $50 – $100 million just for switching… that’s more than the net worth than many of those influencers.”

At the beginning of June, Block.one launched the blockchain social media platform called Voice. The company claims that Voice is a more transparent social media platform in which the content uploaded to it is immediately registered on the EOS network.

The platform is expected to leverage the VOICE token that is going to be rewarding content creators around the world and let them promote their content.

The CTO of the company, Dan Larimer, said:

“We believe everyone deserves a voice. This is why the voice token has the fairest distribution in the world.”

In order to minimize spam, users will have to be registered and provide a valid ID. Individuals would also not be able to mine or purchase the token directly, they would have to receive a daily airdrop of VOICE tokens.

This shows that Block.one is trying to attract more users and influencers to its platform. However, reaching a large number of followers on a new social media platform does not seem an easy task to accomplish. There were other trials of creating a large blockchain-based social media network but none of them was able to reach a large number of users. Steemit, for example, launched in 2016 has less than a million users.

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