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Blox: Cryptocurrency Accounting, Tracking and Management for Everyone


Jide Idowu


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Jide Idowu


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Jide Idowu


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Have you ever had issues handling your cryptocurrencies stored in different platforms, exchanges, wallets and devices? If yes, Blox is the solution to this problem and one of the best cryptocurrency tracking services.

Blox is a platform for tracking and managing cryptocurrencies that would allow you to maximize the control you have over your assets.

In just a few simple steps, you will be able to have greater control over your cryptocurrencies and a clear overview of your portfolio, no matter the number of wallets and accounts you have.

Blox Crypto Management Solutions

Blox is currently offering solutions not only to individuals users but also to businesses that are handling cryptocurrencies.

With the services provided by Blox, you will be able to synchronize wallets, exchanges, accounts and account balances.

This will help you view and understand your entire cryptocurrency portfolio in just one clear and user-friendly dashboard.

In addition to it, with the Auto-Sync feature, it is possible to synchronize all the top blockchain, exchange services providers and crypto wallets in the same platform. By using Blox’s API, all the data and information can be seen in just one place.

Professional users would also need to have an overview of their daily balances. Blox provides this solution with account balances and transaction activity. This gives simplicity to finance teams and other power users.

Considering data and privacy is very important, Blox takes care of it as well. According to Google Trends, the search term ‘data privacy’ reached its highest point since 2004 in the United States.

This is why Blox is enabled with touch ID, distributed admin privileges and ready-only access, among other things. Selected users have also the possibility to enjoy custom solutions that meet their security needs.

Some of the clients that would be benefited by Blox’s services include crypto executives, asset managers, blockchain protocols, accounting firms, crypto companies, mining operations, crypto funds, venture capitalists and many others.

Blox Crypto Management Tools

Blox is a platform that allows companies and users to label and classify transactions so as to improve their allocation of assets.

Companies had many issues handling their cryptocurrencies and solutions. It is clearly a complicated task to move funds from one account to another and have a clear overview of their portfolios.

Moreover, each platform has its own system to process and classify transactions, which cannot be easily aggregated.

This is why Blox offers custom design transaction classifications that match users’ Chart of Accounts with a Tx Table. This would simplify the job of finance teams dealing with crypto assets on a daily basis.

Additionally, they will have the possibility to export the financial data they have into a CSV file that would help them have a clear overview of the whole information. These files can be used for reporting purposes as well as to keep a security copy of all the movements and portfolio changes.

Another useful tool provided by Blox is the Audit Trail. This tool helps team members backtrack the movement of transactions. In this way, companies are able to detect errors and correct them, prevent fraud, track asset movement and improve their financial reports.

More Blox Features

Blox has many other features that make this cryptocurrency management service special for individuals and companies.

It includes:

  • Auto Track and Synchronization: you can sync as many wallets and exchange accounts as desired.
  • CPA Financial Tools: finance teams can use these services to better handle financial date
  • Real-Time Dashboard: the dashboard provides data in real-time and helps you view and understand your balances, transactions and historical data.
  • Mobile and web support: Blox services were created for both web and mobile users. At the moment, there is support for iOS, Android and web devices.
  • Bookkeeping and Transaction Control: Blox generates financial reports, it classifies the different assets and it helps asset managers to better handle crypto funds.
  • Enhanced security and privacy for users to be sure their data is protected at all times.

The company has also added a new feature called Blox Cost Basis. With it, users can easily calculate cryptocurrency profit and loss. This would reduce the need for spreadsheets, calculators and other tools.

At the moment, Blox is offering services to a large number of clients that include eToro, Nexo, Paxful, crypto.com, Zilliqa, SwissBorg, 0x and many others.

Cost Basis

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The newly launched feature from Blox puts businesses and professionals in control of the industry’s first automated and accurate tool for calculating cryptocurrency cost basis. It has never been easier and faster to calculate the gains and losses of your crypto in real-time.

Blox’s intelligent automation engine not only provides accurate results at industry-breaking speeds, it also provides comprehensive management and filtering controls to make the entire calculating process a seamless experience.

CSV Export

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Keep your crypto connected to traditional general ledger software like Quickbooks and Xero. We make it super simple to import or export transactions using the Blox platform to organize, manage and convert to CSV in seconds.

Blox users can take advantage of our importing and exporting tools to assist them during audits, tax season or general accounting and bookkeeping.


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For teams that need to work together or remotely, it’s important to have secure collaboration tools to provide privileged access to your crypto portfolios and accounts for businesses, investors of bookkeepers and financial accountants.

Blox makes it secure to share access to private and sensitive information. Our smarter collaboration tools create a safe ecosystem for teams working on accounts and portfolios.


Blox is a cryptocurrency accounting, tracking and management platform that aims at simplifying the way in which users handle their cryptocurrency assets.

Considering the crypto industry has been expanding during the last years, companies in the market require new solutions to handle, visualize and understand cryptocurrency portfolios.

As a user-friendly platform, Blox has already been offering services to a large number of recognized companies in the space.