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Cardano Network Shows Large Developer Activity In 2020

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Cardano (ADA), one of the largest blockchain networks in the market, is currently having a large activity from developers. This comes in a year in which Bitcoin (BTC) and digital assets have been affected by the Coronavirus crisis. According to data provided by CryptoDiffer, Cardano registered the largest daily development activity on the Github for the last few weeks.

Cardano a Leader in Crypto and Blockchain Development

Cardano is certainly a leader in terms of development in GitHub. Data shows that the average daily Github commits for the period between March 14 and April 14, was 383. This is almost double than the 200 average daily commits done by the Ethereum community and 517% more than Bitcoin (BTC), which had only 62 commits on average.

Other networks such as Augur (REP) or EOS registered 74 and 62 daily average Github Commits during the abovementioned period of time.

This is a good time for traders and crypto enthusiasts to use their spare time due to the Coronavirus crisis in order to increase their knowledge about financial markets and the cryptocurrency market. For example, they could do a list of books to read and continue improving their trading strategies or learning about how markets behave in periods of crisis.

Although the chart provided by CryptoDiffer doesn’t provide information about previous periods, a large number of developers may be increasing their time to participate in GitHub.

ADA is currently the 15th largest cryptocurrency in the market and it has been among the top ten in recent months. 2020 was a good moment for day and swing traders to enjoy from trading activities following ADA’s performance.

The team behind Cardano, led by Charles Hoskinson – co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) – has been working on a wide range of projects in the last six months. For example, Cardano has unveiled a new scaling protocol called Hydra that aims at providing scalability to the Cardano network.

These developments and future projects could certainly help ADA move towards new yearly highs if the crypto market also moves higher. Cardano is driven by development from experts in blockchain technology and other areas that are doing everything they can in order to continue with the Cardano ecosystem.

Cardano has also released the Shelley Incentivized testnet that allows participants to earn rewards on the ADA mainnet through staking funds. At the moment, stake pool operators are testing the network but there is still no official release date for the Shelley incentivized network.

The cryptocurrency market continues to expand in different ways and Cardano shows to be a clear leader in terms of development and innovation. Although some of the initiatives may take some months to see the light it is clear that they have a prepared community to handle a wide range of projects and challenges.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

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