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Could Microsoft Bring Micro-Payments in Cryptocurrencies to Xbox?

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Microsoft could bring micropayments in cryptocurrencies to Xbox if a crypto wallet is added to Xbox. In a recent discussion posted at the gaming forum ResetEra, leaked documents show that Xbox could have added support for a cryptocurrency wallet. Nevertheless, no details were revealed about the implementation or possible use cases.

Crypto Micro-Payments for Microsoft’s Xbox?

The gaming industry could start bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses if the leaks become a reality. The documents leaked on the forum show plans to add cryptocurrency wallet support to Xbox, which could have multiple benefits for crypto users around the world. 

Cryptocurrency wallets are used to pay for goods and services, store virtual currencies, and engage with different blockchain protocols and smart contracts. Therefore, the possibilities for Microsoft and Xbox to add support for cryptocurrencies could range from letting users pay for games and use micro-payments to unlock specific and unique features. 

As per the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, the leaks are linked to the Federal Trade Commission’s legal action that was started against Microsoft. Leaked documents might have been filtered within Microsoft’s submission to acquire Blizzard. 

Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that the leaks might not become true, at least in the near future. Spencer said that there are many other things to be excited about now and in the future. Therefore, the links might be just projects in which the company was working or just simply ideas that the team behind Xbox had for future implementations. 

Right now, it is just a matter of time to wait and see what happens with Xbox. In the meantime, Microsoft is working on other projects and improvements to Xbox and other products.

Table of Contents


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