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Cryptocurrency Debit Cards: One Of The Best Ways to Spend Crypto

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Cryptocurrency debit cards became one of the easiest ways for crypto users to spend their digital assets in a fast and easy way. Additionally, different services providers and companies are offering additional benefits to users that decide to spend their virtual currencies using these debit cards. But what are the benefits of using crypto debit cards to make payments? We tell you this and more in the next sections.

Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

There are many benefits of using different cryptocurrency debit cards such as Clubswan. These cards have been built exclusively for individuals that want to handle digital assets with ease anywhere in the world. But let’s focus on the benefits of using Clubswan crypto debit cards when making payments.

Fast Crypto Payments

Users can enjoy fast and reliable cryptocurrency payments thanks to using crypto debit cards. This can be done in seconds and without having to be worried about sending the funds to the correct crypto address.

The payment gets processed as with any other debit card in the market (for fiat currencies). There is no need to wait for transaction times and the money gets transferred instantly to the merchant. Rather than searching for places that would accept digital currencies for payments, with a debit card you can simply go to a retail store, buy anything you want and pay with crypto.

Good Loyalty Rewards

Another thing that you can take into consideration when selecting crypto debit cards is the loyalty rewards that they offer. Usually, there are cash-back offers that apply to users. In this way, you would not only be spending digital currencies but you will also be saving on every single purchase you make.

Depending on the debit card provider, the cash-back rate fluctuates between 0.5% and 2.5%. There are some other loyalty rewards that apply to crypto debit card users such as discounts on different services or even free Airport lounge tickets.

Easy to Handle

Another thing that you should take into consideration about prepaid cryptocurrency cards is that they are very easy to handle. You just deposit the digital currencies that you want and you can spend them at millions of retailers across the globe. There are no limits to all the things that you can do with these cards.

Rather than being worried about the cryptocurrencies that they accept, with a crypto debit card you can pay at any shop that supports card payments. That’s all you need to know. Additionally, debit card providers would also offer you an app that you can download to your smartphone and check all the information about payments and digital currencies that you hold.

Finally, some crypto debit cards are also offering users to withdraw funds from ATMs and make payments in other currencies such as GBP, EUR and USD, among others. The goal is to offer high limits and a user-friendly interface for individuals to handle digital currencies around the world.

Table of Contents


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