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Dexsport – Decentralized Revolution in Crypto Betting


Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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Traditional betting evolved into online betting a long time ago, and then blockchain technology made it possible to introduce crypto betting. Today, sports betting has reached its peak when Dexsport has introduced a unique solution – web3 sports betting.

What Is Dexsport?

Dexsport.io – a decentralized betting platform, which is significantly different from, for example, crypto casinos and Bitcoin bookies. First things first, with Dexsport, you’ll be able to place bets on plenty of sports, dozens of e-sports, including live tournaments on CS: GO, e-football, e-tennis, etc.


When you place bets with Bitcoin bookies, you may appear in an unpleasant situation where the winnings are not fully paid, or your account gets blocked. With Dexsport, any doubtful situation is impossible, and not because of promises but because of smart contracts that regulate every move while using the platform.


The thing is that all the payouts are made from the general liquidity pool, which was audited by CertiK – a leading platform that provide the high-level due diligence for blockchain and DeFi projects, and by Pessimistic Security – a platform that helps blockchain startups to meet the modern challenges in security. Considering that everything works on the BNB network, the protocol interaction is cheap and risk-free.

Advantages of Betting with Dexsport

In addition to reliable smart contracts and a large number of sports, Dexsport offers a considerable number of advantages to betting enthusiasts precisely due to the work on the blockchain.

No Registration

When registering on the Bitcoin betting platform, a person indicates his personal data and even passes verification. At the same time, the blockchain has spoiled everyone a lot, and players have long demanded complete anonymity in betting. Fortunately, Dexsport heard these requests, and it became possible to open an account absolutely without registration – no personal data and verification.


Surely not all betting fans know about this service. WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that allows you to instantly connect your wallet and make it an account, from which money will then be used for betting. The bottom line is that you no longer need to send money from your wallet to your account and vice versa – you do not spend money on commissions and time waiting. Dexsport works with MetaMask, which can be connected via WalletConnect in a few seconds.

No Geographical Limits

You can place bets using Dexsport without any geographical restrictions. Indeed you had such an experience when it was impossible to find a good bookmaker precisely because your country is on the banned list. The only thing you should check yourself is whether betting is legal in your country.

High Security & Privacy

You already know that Dexsport does not ask for your personal data in any way, both during registration and during deposits and withdrawals. We’ll tell you more – you don’t even need to specify the wallet address. The fact is that connecting a wallet using WalletConnect provides as high security as possible in the field of blockchain. A player connects a wallet that only he controls, and only he can give the task to deposit money into the account or withdraw winnings to the wallet.

What Is Sports Betting with Dexsport?

With the development of cryptocurrency, people began to see the blockchain not only as trading or investment but also as games, bets, and NFTs. Therefore, more and more potential players are looking for variety and fun. Sports betting is the perfect combination of income and hobby for sports fans.

Unfortunately, many beginners in the world of betting face the dishonesty of bookmakers, which discourages the desire to bet for a long time. There can be many dishonest situations – high wagers, frozen accounts, low privacy, hidden fees, and so on.

But let’s stop talking about sad things – we are here to find out about a novelty in the betting industry, with which you can forget about all the above disadvantages. Dexsport changed the industry, and all the players – newcomers and professionals, are welcome to enjoy the benefits, smooth bets, modern design, and fantastic navigation.

DESU Token

Indeed you often see a situation where some large platform makes its token. But why? The fact is that native tokens work as proof that the platform is working correctly and is reliable. In the case of Dexsport, the DESU token works exactly like this, offering many different benefits for players.

Payments Regulation

The token just the same helps to make honest and instant payments. This is a considerable advantage since players can forget about the problems when winnings are not paid out for “reasons” or paid out for a very long time. With Dexsport, this is impossible – you can be sure of speed and honesty.


Those players who own a DESU token can participate in the development of Dexsport by voting. This is a modern benefit, which means that the platform exists not for making money in the first place but for the comfortable betting of players. You will definitely not find this on standard Bitcoin betting platforms.

Rewards for Predictions

Dexsport is the most convenient ecosystem for disseminating the personal opinions of players. They can be made by guessing the outcome of any matches, and other players can reward them with DESU tokens for valuable contributions. This is a very convenient thing both for additional earnings and for improving knowledge in the field of betting through practice.

Dexsport – Final Thoughts

Dexsport is a revolution in the world of crypto betting, and this platform has achieved incredible results, attention, and improvements in a concise time. We can only imagine how many more valuable solutions Dexsport is preparing for sports betting fans.

As a short reminder, we would like to highlight the massive benefits that players receive while betting with Dexsport:

  • No Registration
  • WalletConnect
  • No Geographical Limits
  • High Security & Privacy

Meanwhile, Dexsport has issued the DESU token – a native token that regulates many processes on the platform. This token also brings a couple of valuable features for betters:

  • Payments Regulation
  • Governance
  • Rewards for Predictions

Dexsport is a unique provider of web3 sports betting, which offers a great selection of sports, a convenient dashboard, advanced security features, and many other perks.

But you know all of this already, don’t you?

We will leave you here, so you can visit Dexsport and enjoy all the benefits!