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Dubai’s DIFC Legislates World’s First Digital Assets Law

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  • The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) enacted the world’s first Digital Assets Law to establish comprehensive legal characteristics and frameworks for digital assets as a property law matter.
  • Alongside the Digital Assets Law, DIFC has introduced a new Law of Security, replacing the outdated 2005 law. This was inspired by international standards like the UNCITRAL Model of Secured Transactions, which enhances DIFC’s securities framework to accommodate innovations in digital asset collateral arrangements and align with global best practices.
  • These legislative updates are designed to keep pace with technological advancements and create legal certainty for investors and users of digital assets.

Dubai’s tax-free economic zone, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), announced the enactment of its Digital Assets Law, which took effect on March 8th, 2024. The legislation aims to bring clarity and regulations to the crypto industry.

Providing Clarity For Digital Assets

The Digital Assets Law creates a framework within the DIFC’s economic zone. The law defines the legal characteristics of digital assets as property and indicates how users can control, transfer, and deal with digital assets.

Adapting To The Future Of Finance

The law also includes amendments to existing DIFC legislation to correspond to its compatibility with the crypto industry. It has updated existing legislation related to contracts, obligations, securities, and trusts to manage the variations of digital assets.

A Global Standard For Digital Assets Regulation

It is worth noting that the DIFC’s Digital Assets Law is the first law instituted regarding digital assets. This means it could also set a precedent for other jurisdictions looking to regulate the crypto sector and lead to a more standardized and efficient global market for digital assets.

Table of Contents


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