iota - IOTA Application for Ledger Nano S is Ready for Beta

IOTA Application for Ledger Nano S is Ready for Beta

IOTA developer, PeterWilli, has confirmed on April the 4th that IOTA application for Ledger Nano S is ready for Beta. The first IOTA transaction from a ledger wallet to an IOTA wallet was confirmed and processed properly. In order to celebrate that, IOTA developers will make a livestream with an AMA and an IOTA giveaway.

IOTA in Ledger Nano S

During the last weeks, IOTA developers have been working in order to integrate IOTA with Ledger Nano S wallet. Some days ago, in one of the reports presented by Peter, the API and signature of the transactions were improved. iota 300x187 - IOTA Application for Ledger Nano S is Ready for Beta

At the moment, developers can process transactions between Ledger Wallet S and other IOTA wallet, but it does not mean that the developing phase is over. It is important to keep improving the different transactional aspects and other minor details.

During the livestream one random person, with a random address, will be selected by the team to set the first mainnet IOTA transaction. That would be the absolute kick-off for Ledger of IOTA.

In a YouTube video PeterWilli, has shown a demo about how the IOTA application works on the Ledger Nano S. He explains that some improvements still have to be made, but the most important part has already been developed.

PeterWilli wrote on Reddit:

“Hi wonderful community, no more development reports 😀 I hope you like my very first video, don’t be afraid to leave feedback. Please know that while the transaction works, development is not over yet. After today, a huge amount of testing, security audits, and smoothing out rough edges is going to happen!”

At the moment, IOTA developers are working in order to completely integrate IOTA to the Ledger Nano S.

Other cryptocurrency developers are working to integrate Monero to the same hardware wallet. At UseTheBitcoin we wrote about it some weeks ago explaining that once it will be fully integrated, the Monero community will be able to have safely stored their Monero.

It is important that developers are working on these integrations due to the fact that several hacks have been affecting several cryptocurrency exchanges during the last months.

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