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Payment Processor XPay Adds Support to Dash To Increase Adoption in Latin America

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The recognized payment processor XPay added support to Dash, one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market. XPay is part of the Panda Group and it allows users to make daily purchases of goods and services. The information was released by the company on Medium a few days ago. 

Dash Continues Expanding Around The World

With this new listing, it will be possible for consumers to pay for goods and services in an easy way. Merchants will be protected against the wide fluctuations of digital assets while buyers will have new tools for making their payments. 

The new listing is currently focused on Colombian and Venezuelan customers since XPay will be exchanging the cryptocurrencies for Colombian peso (COP) or Venezuelan Bolivares (VES). 

Arley Lozano, the CEO and founder of Panda Group, commented:

“There are many crypto payment processors in Latin America, but regards to Colombia and Venezuela there were only attempts of semi-automatic processors with calls to call centers, so we are the pioneers in Colombia and we have a 100% effective and functional solution.”

Users can also pay in different cryptocurrencies rather than just Dash, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and DAI. Merchants do not have to be worried about the volatility of these virtual currencies, as mentioned before, they can decide whether keeping them in crypto, exchanging them for COP or VES or storing some virtual currencies and some fiat. 

The firm is also helping increase adoption in the region. Although the Venezuelan humanitarian and economic crisis has created poverty in the region, it has also open new doors for adopting digital assets. There are several millions of Venezuelans living in Colombia right now, both societies know and understand virtual currencies and have been using them during the last years.

The Panda Group has also added support to Dash on its cryptocurrency exchange back in 2015. This allowed the virtual currency to gain liquidity and be adopted by many users. They have also helped Dash through other initiatives, including the Dash Cafe and more. 

Dash is currently the 15th largest cryptocurrency in the market with a valuation of $950 million. Dash price per coin is $106, according to CoinMarketCap.

The blog post said:

“This new cryptocurrency is one of the worldwide most popular assets among these new technologies supporters, Dash community asserts its presence in Latin American countries such as Colombia and Venezuela through actions with the purpose to educate people about this crypto.”

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Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

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