andreaaas - The Real Bitcoin Jesus: Andreas Antonopoulos Gathered 50 BTC in Donations

The Real Bitcoin Jesus: Andreas Antonopoulos Gathered 50 BTC in Donations

Ex Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver, has given his nickname to Andreas Antonopoulos. Generating conflicts in social networks is not the only thing that Roger Ver can do. Andreas Antonopoulos, the Mastering Bitcoin author, has received more than 50 BTC in donations after Ver criticized him for not owning more bitcoins.

Who is the Real Bitcoin Jesus?

Roger Ver was an early defender of Bitcoin and of the blockchain. But later, he has decided to change direction and started to think about the scalability problem that Bitcoin faced and faces. He has decided to take his own way and to create a new Bitcoin hard fork that we know as Bitcoin Cash.

Since Bitcoin Cash started to grow in the last weeks, Mr Ver has been more active criticizing those who didn’t support the new currency. Among those criticized was Andreas Antonopoulos. He said that Antonopoulos has not invested in Bitcoin in 2012 and that’s why he is not a millionaire nowadays.

But Ver received an answer from Antonopoulos explaining why he was not able to invest even some few dollars.

“I’m not a bitcoin millionaire. I was working for free, instead of investing, for the first 2 years. Only recently got out of debt. My supporters on Patreon, many at $5/month, make it possible for me to work with independence,” wrote Andreas Antonopoulos answering Roger Ver.

Once that Social Media realized what was going on, they have decided to donate 49 BTC in less than 24 hours. Members of the Bitcoin community have donated to this address, making Antonopoulos almost a millionaire. Now he would have almost $800,000 dollars.

Mr Antonopoulos thanked his supporters and he expressed his gratitude to them.

“You (supporters) fed my soul. You reminded me why it is so important to remain optimistic, focused and determined to overcome the cynicism. It’s been a long nad hard road. Sometimes I get lost. But every time I do, you step up and help me find my way, find my focus again. You show me that I do not walk alone on this path. You are all there with me. I am part of a wonderful community and you have my back,” Mr Antonopoulos wrote.

Who is Andreas Antonopoulos?

Andreas Antonopoulos is an information security expert that has been involved in Bitcoin since 2013. He worked at the Bitcoin Foundation as head of the anti-poverty committee until 2014, when he left due to lack of transparency.

Antonopoulos gave a speech at the Senate of Canada on October the 8th 2014, in order to explain how Bitcoin works and how to regulate it properly. Different specialist in the matter and high government officials attended the meeting. When Senator Black asked him which regulations he would suggest he answered:

“I believe we are still at the very early stages of this technology. Not only is bitcoin new, but bitcoin is already evolving,” he said. “I think this technology needs time to breathe. It needs time to show the full potential of what is possible with decentralized, programmable money.”

If you want to donate to Andreas, feel free to enter on his website or support him on Patreon.