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Record-Breaking Cryptocurrencies in 2021

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What a year for some cryptocurrencies that made their respective milestones! Learn which crypto coins have set new records this year that you might want to consider in your portfolio with some crypto trading materials. Here are some of the top crypto performers that brought hefty gains to their investors.


For more than a decade, Bitcoin has never failed to astonish its investors. It is not surprising why the cryptocurrency has managed to increase its number of followers through the years. There is no doubt that its track record has been instrumental in drawing the interest not only of individuals but also corporate investors. With its recent all-time high record in the first semester of the year, it has not failed its user base in bringing great returns to the table.

What is more interesting is that Bitcoin is expected to deliver better services with its latest upgrade. Perhaps you might have already heard of Taproot that will be implemented in November this year. This new update will enable users to experience efficient, cheap and secure transactions. Thanks to the latest innovation developed to further improve the system. Hopefully, it could raise the bar in the industry for other players to follow suit.

The only challenge left for Bitcoin is to create a system that would utilise renewable energy. As of the moment, it has been noted that using up too much fossil fuel is not good for the environment. This concern has been shared by Elon Musk, who halted the acceptance of Bitcoin in buying Tesla products until the cryptocurrency resolves the predicament involving climate change.


Tailing Bitcoin on its way to the top is another record-breaking cryptocurrency, Ether. It is developed by Ethereum taking second place when it comes to market capitalisation. And it has been in the market for less than a decade compared to the crypto pioneer. The digital coin recently made headlines after recording its all-time high price in May 2021 across crypto trading platforms like Bitcoin Prime. There appears to be tough competition in the market, with the two leading currencies determined to outperform their records. By the looks of it, Eher is not likely to bow down as its value goes closer to break the earlier record.

Just like Bitcoin, Ether has also launched an upgrade. The so-called London Hard Fork promises cheaper and faster transactions. It has also announced an ambitious plan to go green with zero carbon emission in the future. The crypto market player is making a gradual shift toward clean crypto operations as a socially responsible entity.

Ether is unstoppable in terms of innovation. This is made possible by its policy of accepting ideas from external stakeholders with its Ethereum Improvement Proposals. It invites developers to pitch ideas for continuous improvement through collaborative efforts.


In less than five years, it is an accomplishment for a Cardano coin to make it to the top. It is now placed third in the industry with its growing capitalisation. The cryptocurrency made an 18% increase in value that has rocketed its market position immediately. According to reports, this can be attributed to its latest upgrade soon to be implemented. Somehow the market responded to the affirmative with overwhelming approval.

Cardano has an impressive vision of how it can bring better services to its subscribers. Five stages of development would bring a new era to its cryptosystem. While it has already implemented Byron and Shelley, it is yet to implement Goguen, Basho, and finally, Voltaire. Each era is expected to usher new opportunities to investors. This is the reason why many are jumping on board before Goguen is put in action.

What is up with its upcoming upgrade? Goguen would focus on smart contracts after laying down its foundation with Byron and decentralisation with Shelley. It features the so-called Plutus, which is currently being tested before implementation. Another much-anticipated function is Marlowe Playground which would allow experts to build their applications.  With two other stages underway, there is so much more to expect from Cardano.


These are the top-three performing cryptocurrencies this year that occupy the apex of the market. In a few more months, there might be some changes in the rankings considering the high volatile crypto ecosystem. Some other crypto coins would not simply yield.

Table of Contents


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