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Samsung’s Competitors – Electroneum M1 and Pundi X XPhone Could Attract Crypto Users

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At the MWC19 Barcelona, Electroneum and Pundi X unveiled their devices some of their features. The Electroneum smartphone is capable of mining ETN tokens in an easy way. Meanwhile, Pundi X showed an improved version of their phone, that was presented in 2018. Just a few days ago, Samsung presented its new Galaxy S10 with integrated blockchain solutions.

Can Pundi X and M1 Become Samsung’s Competitors?

The whole cryptocurrency market was very enthusiastic about the new phone presented by Samsung. According to the company, the smartphone will include storage for private cryptocurrency keys. This is the first major smartphone manufacturer that enter the blockchain and crypto market.

Nevertheless, there are other cryptocurrency-related phones that have been recently unveiled. For example, Electroneum M1 offers users the possibility to receive payment for using the device. There is an application that allows for cloud mining to take place. It is possible for the user of the phone to generate $3 in ETN each month. As per the company, users can make small transactions such as purchasing coffee or sending a tip.

Pundi X is also working on its device. At the end of 2018, the company released the first-ever blockchain phone call on is proof-of-concept XPhone. Now, the company has unveiled an improved version of the phone with new features included. Users can now switch decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain mode just tapping a button.

Samsung is now trying to offer blockchain-related services with its flagship smartphone Galaxy S10. With it, other smartphone manufacturers such as Google or Apple will have to think what to implement if they want to attract the cryptocurrency community.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung did not create its phone based on blockchain technology. Pundi X and Electroneum planned their devices to be integrated with blockchain tech. Moreover, Punxi X’s XPhone and Electroneum’s M1 remain behind in terms of design compared to Samsung. Furthermore, these two brands are not established in the smartphone market, thus they will still have to gain presence if they want to reach mass adoption.

HTC is also working on its blockchain smartphone called Exodus 1. For example, the company has announced that it will be supporting Decentraland (MANA) as a decentralized dApp. Moreover, HTC will be also using the Basic Attention Token (BAT) powered Brave Browser, among other crypto-related implementations.

Table of Contents


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