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SupraOracles’ Underlying Technology

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The technology driving the SupraOracles project enables a bridge between the centralized and decentralized worlds. This advanced oracle system makes it easier for users to handle global transactions in a fast and secure manner.

Compared to other oracle solutions, SupraOracles is built with a wide array of features and perks under the hood that help drive this ecosystem.What makes up SupraOracles?

SupraOracles is a powerful cross-chain oracle network to bridge real-world data to both public and private chains. Businesses and projects relying on this technology can enable interoperable smart contracts to automate, simplify, and secure the future of financial markets.

The underlying technology focuses on how real-time data can be secured through cross-chain interoperability. To do this, SupraOracles relies on the unity protocol and multi-helix ledger which, when working side-by-side, enable parallel processing for greater consensus scalability.

The Multi-Helix Ledger Explained

Providing cross-chain bridges for every major ecosystem, while still ensuring secure, real-time data for smart contracts, is no easy feat.

To perform all of these functions, SupraOracles relies on their unique smart contract oracle-chain, known as Unitychain. This is a multi-helix distributed ledger, allowing for parallel processing, coupled with powerful cryptographic primitives, like random sampling and threshold cryptography.

The project opted for the multi-helix ledger given that the structure makes it almost impossible for the system to encounter any attack vectors. Moreover, its framework contains two or more intersecting blockchain strands, and each block has its own network configuration of node membership, arbitrary state, and blockchain transaction. Simply put, this technology divides up network responsibilities in a manner that makes transactions faster and harder for outside parties to infiltrate.

How SupraOracles’Tech Makes it a  Leading Blockchain Oracle Platform

Maintaining an innovative landscape has helped SupraOracles create a name for itself as a catalyst in a new trustless data economy. It solves many of the issues facing current oracle solutions, which often lack critical benefits to optimize the data transfer process.

Below are a few of the key features SupraOracles’ underlying technology made possible:


The project’s team understands that oracles are a critical part of blockchain technology – through them, smart contracts are used and information reliability and transparency constitute essential aspects. 

At SupraOracles, their technology allows investors to hold them accountable for their activities. Currently, no entity can accurately examine the precision of the price reported by oracles; however, their aim is to rid the oracle ecosystem of such notions to avoid the possibility of undetectable misbehaviour.

Price Delay and Deviation

High speeds when processing transactions should always be expected from a blockchain-based project. Existing projects like Solana are famed for their 400ms block times. However, what these projects often avoid discussing is their 7.6s-12.8s optimistic finality, which is rather slow compared to market demand. 

SupraOracles assures  its users that transactions are processed far faster, eliminating slow queues and long wait-times before they are written on the blockchain. To rid their entire platform of these hurdles, their technology ensures block times are only 1 second, with 3-5second finality, makingSupra 2-4 times faster than existing oracles.

Operational Robustness

SupraOracles’ infrastructure leaves no room for attack vectors. For example, Chainlink leaves 14 of 21 nodes to be queried for a data lookup request, making it easy for malicious actors to know who to target and when. Supra is playing their part in the oracles sphere, ridding their platform of any cross-chain bridge vulnerabilities. They encourage operators to overprovision their resources by increasing their reserve requirements for gas fees and more. 

Thanks to SupraOracles multi-helix ledger, nodes can exist in multiple ‘Parallel Universes,’ with each holding a different logical network position and topology. This makes it hard for outside actors to pinpoint where to attack.


This touches on the transparency mentioned above; by bridging two different financial worlds, Supra is becoming a critical trusted party, and should therefore be held accountable for its actions. Since cryptographic trustlessness is the driving force of the Web 3.0 revolution, they’ve combined EVM-Compatible cross-chain interoperability with external off-chain triggers containing a 3-5 second refresh rate with full finality. This combination makes the entire process seamless for their users. 

Doing this creates a paradigm shift towards developing accountability for their users, since a lack of delivery in any sector means that the underlying tech might be failing and due for an upgrade..

SupraOracles’ underlying technology serves multiple purposes, all aimed at making the oracle ecosystem experience seamless, providing secure transactions and an optimal user experience. The multi-helix ledger  goes above and beyond to ensure cross-border transactions do not experience any lag, decreasing exposure to several risks and replacement costs, as smart contracts automate this entire process.

Overall, the tech behind SupraOracles has been designed with end users in mind. Their team is working to deliver on the ideals of web 3, even when bridging this world to data outside of it, and building on the type of experience that should be expected.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents