TRON Launches Twitter Payments; Buys

ยท 11 Aug 2018 in Crypto News

TRON’s busy 2018 continues to get, well busier. The coin continues to make a case for itself to be among the leading cryptocurrencies.

After launching its testnet (in anticipation of this month’s Mainnet launch), acquiring BitTorrent and, and finding ways to enable its currency as payment on popular websites, TRON made two more announcements this week. Below is our coverage on those announcements.

Seedit Users Can Send Tron (TRX) Over Twitter

TRX payment platform Seedit has begun to live up to its goal of enabling real-world applications for TRX holders to use the coin for payment. The first stop? Twitter.

As the application explains:

“With Seedit, you can easily send TRX or any other Tron token to anyone around the world using simple commands from various social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Kakao…

Notably, Seedit is not its own cryptocurrency—it’s the production of a TRON Super Representative called SesameSeed and was developed to enhance both the applicability of the TRX coin and the community’s reach in the Tron-verse.

Super Representatives (SRs) are communities of the TRON infrastructure the power, secure, and legitimize the network. In doing so, they are financially rewarded with TRON and also with voting powers, often which is passed along to its community.

What we’re seeing here is the realization of the SR system, where SesameSeed has taken TRON and built on top of its infrastructure to allow for Twitter and social payments. A very good sign indeed.

TRON Complete Acquisition of

The second piece of important TRON news this week is its acquisition of, a popular search engine and data aggregator within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. TRON will now own this and use the site to legitimize its foothold in this space, but also to examine big data collected by the platform on user sentiment, social media activity, and volume of search. These will help TRON move smarter into the future and enable it to use its other acquired platforms (BitTorrent or for instance) in a more intelligent way.

As the market continues to turn downward, TRON and Justin Sun are staying as busy as ever. The future could be very bright for TRON and TRX holders alike.

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