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WildTornado Raises the Bar for Payment Methods by Adding XRP Support

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With the confidence that the increased number of payment methods provides gamblers with outstanding opportunities in online gaming, WildTornado adds yet another celebrated digital coin, the Ripple (XRP) crypto, to its dazzling list of cryptocurrency cashier options.

Being a very welcome monetary method addition, XRP is one of the most high-profile cryptocurrencies in the world. Apart from offering its users an impressive speed of transactions, the token is associated with low processing charges, making it an excellent fit for the online gambling industry.

The WildTornado online casino prides its reputation on establishing its excellence in digital money payment methods, with its list of crypto cashier options covering the needs and preferences of just about every new technology-focused gambler. Earlier, the operator added the support of a wide array of in-demand cryptos to great success, from Bitcoin, Tether, and Dogecoin, to Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. With numerous advantages brought to the table, gamblers are sure to find XRP a highly welcome payment addition.

Why are XRP and online games a winning duo?

Running on the Ripple network, XRP is technically different from its digital counterparts. The mechanism used when it comes to XRP transaction confirmations – a distributed consensus mechanism – simplifies the process of payment validation, all while remaining highly secure. As a result, the payment confirmation time is reduced to around 3 to 5 seconds, which is comparatively much speedier than BTC’s 10 minute transaction time.

No other cryptos, let alone banks that take days to complete payments, can compete with such impressive transaction speed. Impressively, when gambling with XRP, you do not need to splash out large sums on processing fees. XRP transactions usually occur at shy costs. Put that together, and the WildTornado XRP games alongside the casino’s lavish bonuses and promotions are capable of delivering a knockout payout punch players dream about.

Why don’t you join the legions of WildTornado’s satisfied players to discover a myriad of wonderful opportunities unlocked by the winning tandem of the Ripple (XRP) crypto and the WildTornado trending online games?

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents