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Brave Registered 600,000 Creators Growing by 17% In Just a Month

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The popular Brave web browser was able to register a new record in terms of content creators. Indeed, there are 600,000 users that have already signed up on the platform. In addition to it, in just one month, they have experienced a growth rate of 17% and many are expecting the number of creators to continue growing in the near future. 

Brave Continues Growing

Brave continues to expand in the crypto and web markets with new creators registering on their platform to receive Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards for the content they create. In general, YouTube and Twitter creators are those that perform better and lead the positions in terms of new creators.

Reddit, Twitch and websites are also providing great numbers in terms of new verified creators. In the last 30 days, there have been 88,158 new Brave creators verified, followed by 30,541 creators from YouTube and 7,794 from Twitter. Reddit provided 14,604 new creators, Twitch 9,822, Websites 2,829, Vimeo 19,539 and GitHub 3,029. 

Some of the top creators in YouTube include Trap Nation with 27,800,000 subscribers, Spinnin’ Records with 26,300,000 subscribers and HowToBasic with 14,000,000 subs. On Twitter, the accounts @FreakyTheory, @CuteAnimalVines and @SpealComedy have 3,712,936; 2,510,082 and 2,269,995 followers. 

Wikipedia and xhamster, for example, are two of the largest websites in ranked by Alexa that are already working with BAT. Other popular sites include aparat.com, theguardian.com and wikihow.com, among others. 

Brave web browser users receive BAT rewards for the Ads they see if they have turned on this option. In this way, they will get rewarded for the ads that will be displayed on the internet. This is different from the traditional browser model in which companies pay to a centralized firm to place ads and where users don’t receive any reward for the data they are sharing. 

With Brave, users get rewarded with BAT tokens for the ads they see, which are now being traded around $0.18. Indeed, BAT is now the 32nd largest cryptocurrency in the market in terms of valuation with $265.94 million. 

Users can reward content creators by setting a monthly donation to these sites and creators that deserve it or they consider that they want to offer a BAT reward. 

Table of Contents


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