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Do Crypto Casinos Really Offer Thousands of Games?

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We have all seen the claims before. A cryptocurrency betting site will announce that they have thousands of casino games available for you to play. They might say that they have got the latest NetEnt and Microgaming slots, progressive prizes galore, and 2,000 to 3,000 titles. On that basis alone, you have signed up. However, some casinos take you for a sucker, and once you register, you will quickly realise that this is not the case. Why does this happen at crypto casinos, and what can we do to stop it? Let us find out…

There Are That Many Games

Firstly, let us clear up some confusion. When a trusted and certified online casino claims that it can offer 2,500 casino games, it may very well do so. However, a cryptocurrency casino is often considering all the games from every software provider it has, including multiple tables of the same game and titles that can be played in any country, even if they are only available in one.

Some May Be Region-Specific

When you factor into the equation the fact that many casino games are region-specific, suddenly, the number of available games that you can play drops. If, for instance, NetEnt games cannot be played in Scandinavia (for instance), then you can cut out anything from 100 to 300 cryptocurrency games from a casino’s arsenal.

Other Games May Not Be Cryptocurrency-Friendly

There are also other reasons why a crypto casino that claims to offer thousands of games may not do. For instance, not all their games may be cryptocurrency friendly. If you want to bet with Dogecoin, for example, you might find that of the 2,500 games a cryptocurrency casino offers, only around 300 or so can be wagered with Dogecoin.

Some Do Not Permit BTC Wagers

While it is not surprising that an entire casino’s arsenal would not be Dogecoin-friendly, it is surprising when a casino advertises thousands of games, but most are not Bitcoin-friendly. If you were to eliminate all the games that are not compatible with the cryptocurrency you want to bet with, the number of games that are not available in your region, and those which are merely different tables of the same game, it is easy to see why casinos can claim to offer thousands of titles, but you only ever see several hundred.

Some Casinos Really Do

All the above will cut down the number of available cryptocurrency games you can play. However, there are still top sites like bitcoin casino io out there, which do offer you a near-enough full library of games. Sites such as this have over 5,000 games for you to choose from, most of which are Bitcoin-friendly, will allow you to play in other cryptocurrencies and are not tied to regional restrictions (for the most part). It is these casinos that you want to head to if you want to get away from casinos that mislead their members about their gaming arsenals.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents