Crypto Travel Website Works Alongside Expedia To Help Users Pay With Bitcoin

Plane wing is working side by side with Expedia in order to help users pay for bookings in hotels using cryptocurrencies. With the new partnership with Expedia, more than 700,000 hotels will be available since Monday. The company does not only accept Bitcoin but also many other virtual currencies in the market. and Expedia Work Together

The Coronavirus pandemic has severely affected the travel industry. Many individuals that were planning to travel had to cancel their flights and hotels. This is why it is very important for this crypto company to start operating again as hotels and travelling is starting to slowly re-open. is a company that is currently based on the Binance Chain and that has been operating for more than a year in the industry. According to the CEO of the company, Juan Otero, the booking flow of Expedia was not built for crypto users that wanted to pay with digital assets. This is why it is very important this new partnership with that focuses on crypto users. 

Regarding the work Travala is doing in the market, Otero mentioned that the company is working in order to bridge the gap between the crypto community and large multinational companies. This would certainly help to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies and help users to pay with their favourite virtual currency their next trip. 

Mr. Otero has also explained that the company has registered a m/m increase in booking revenue of $184,000 and that 13% of the bookings were paid using the AVA token, which is the virtual currency they created and that works as a loyalty program. 

At the same time, the Senior Vice President at Expedia Group, Alfonso Paredes, stated that they also want to continue growing and expanding’s business. Furthermore, he stated that with this new partnership they are allowing users to select which is the payment method they want to use. 

This is not the first time that expands in such an incredible way. In November 2019, the company announced they were working with so as to offer 90,000 new accommodations. The firm has also registered an increase in revenue of 33% after that agreement. This shows there is a large potential in crypto payments in the travel industry and is doing everything to expand its services and solutions.