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Dash Continues Growing Despite The Negative Sentiment In The Crypto Market

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Dash, one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market, continues expanding around the world despite the fact the market is currently falling. According to a recent report released by Yahoo! Finance, Dash remains under the radar even when it is making astounding progress since it was released back in 2014. 

Dash Expands In The Cryptocurrency Market

Dash, one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market, continues growing despite its price performance. Dash is a fast and easy-to-use cryptocurrency that focuses on the user experience and it allows users to process instant payments. In general, this virtual currency has experienced massive growth in Venezuela, where individuals are using it in order to pay for goods and services, considering their fiat currency registered the highest inflation in the world. 

Moreover, there are several crypto ATMs that are accepting Dash as a cryptocurrency in many different continents. At the moment, the team behind the Dash cryptocurrency is working in order to offer better services and to expand the virtual currency to more countries and locations. 

Dash has also announced the first Dash Convention that is going to take place in Zurich, Switzerland and Munich, Germany. This event is scheduled from September 28 to September 30. According to the official report about it, this is going to be the first Dash Convention in Europe. 

At this event, there will be presentations, panels and also keynotes that would provide information about the different developments related to the Dash ecosystem. In addition to it, they want to spread the knowledge about the progress Dash is making in different countries around the world. 

The CEO of Bitalo and Dash Convention Europe organiser, Fabio Bossi, said about it:

“The idea to organise a Dash convention was born in a community chat, and with so much exciting news and projects going on in the Dash ecosystem, we wanted to get the Dash DAO to crypto-friendly Switzerland.”

He went on saying that Dash is a perfect match for their business model at Bitalo AG, and they consider that Dash will play an important role in the future of the cryptocurrency market. 

At the time of writing this article, Dash is the 16th largest crypto in the market. It has a valuation of $726 million. Dash price per coin of $80. In the last 24 hours, Dash remained stable with a growth of 0.39%. 

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