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How To Sell NFTs? A Step-By-Step Guide


John Asher


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8 mins
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John Asher


Reading time

8 mins
Last update


John Asher


Reading time

8 mins
Last update

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NFTs are a new way of owning digital and physical goods. Games, clothing, collectables, gift cards and many more will be available on the blockchain via an NFT token. In cryptocurrency terms, NFT is a utility token. It will allow you to buy access to a specific product or service. These tokens are stored on your wallet and can be traded for other tokens or cryptocurrencies.” 

If you’re looking to start your own NFT business, you’ll need to know how to sell them. The value of a NFT is determined by the market, which means they can be sold to other people who wish to own them.

Now let’s talk about how to sell NFTs and some of the most effective ways for you to do it. If you’ve never sold NFTs before, or don’t know what you should be doing, then this is the guide for you. My goal with this will be to teach exactly where and how to sell your non-fungible tokens in the most effective ways possible.

Pre-Sale Hype 101: How We Are Doing It Right

If you’re looking to sell NFTs, there are a few things you need to know.

First of all, your community needs to be excited about what you’re selling before they’ll buy it. If they don’t care, they aren’t going to spend their money—and that means no profits for you! It’s about releasing some information about your new game or project, creating excitement for the product, and getting people to buy into it.

There are many ways you can do this, but the most popular way is through social media. Posting on Facebook and Instagram about your upcoming project can be a great way to generate hype around it. You can also use Twitter or YouTube to post videos with more details about it as well as give sneak peeks at what’s coming up next!

The best way to get people hyped up? Build a community around the product before it’s even launched. This will help you sell more NFTs because people will be able to share their experiences with other potential users and convince them to purchase from you instead of the competition.

Once the product is launched, keep sharing updates on social media so that people who missed out on the pre-sale don’t feel like they’ve missed out on anything at all.

What Marketplace Should You List It On?

There are no shortage of places to sell your NFTs, and the first step to getting started is choosing one. Here are some tips for making the right choice:

  • Consider how much time you want to spend managing your account. If you’re looking for something basic, consider a marketplace that will allow you to list your NFTs and let someone else do all of the work. If you want more control over how your items are listed and priced, look for an e-commerce platform with a more robust set of features.
  • Look at their reputation in the community. If they’re known for being scammers or not delivering what they promise, you’ll want to steer clear of them.
  • Check out how many customers there are on the site. The more users there are on a marketplace, the better chance there is for finding buyers or sellers for your items!

There are a variety of marketplaces that you can sell your NFTs on. The most popular ones include:


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Did you know that OpenSea is the world’s largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles? With a growing community of over 1.5 million users, it’s the place to find your next piece of crypto art or rare digital asset. From the newest crypto-based games to the most coveted collectible cards, OpenSea has got you covered.


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Rarible’s mission is to give everyone the opportunity to participate in creating digital art. The company believes that everyone should be able to learn something new, express their creativity, and find value in sharing their work with others—even if it’s something as simple as a doodle or an image of your favorite pet.

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SuperRare is dedicated to the art of NFTs, and we’re not just talking about any ol’ NFT. We only trade in one-of-a-kind items, so you can rest assured that your item is truly unique.


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Imagine a world where gamers can earn real money for their in-game achievements. Where developers can capitalize on their game’s success, and all without the hassle of listing items on an auction site or dealing with fraud. That’s what GamerToken is creating.

How To List Your NFT On OpenSea

OpenSea is a decentralized marketplace for digital items. It’s a place where users can buy, sell, and trade digital assets like skins for video games, digital art, and even crypto collectibles.

The benefit of listing your item on OpenSea is that it gives you access to a much larger market than just your own private marketplace. This can be a great way to find new buyers and sell more items, especially if your community is small or niche.

Listing your NFT on OpenSea is an easy process that can be completed in less than 5 minutes.  

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Buy crypto on exchanges

You need Ethereum to pay for gas fee on OpenSea. A gas fee is the amount of money that you need to pay for the transaction to be completed. If you don’t already have Ethereum, we recommend Binance as a great place to get some. You just need to create and verify it by providing proof of ID and address. Deposit funds into your account by using one of their methods (e.g., credit card or wire transfer) and you can now buy some Ethereum.

Use our referral link for a signup bonus: https://usethebitcoin.com/recommends/binance/

Here are some of our affiliate crypto exchanges:

Binance US: https://usethebitcoin.com/recommends/binance.us/

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Gemini: https://usethebitcoin.com/recommends/gemini/

Step 2: Create and set up a digital wallet

To get started, there are just two things you need: a digital wallet and Ethereum. If you’re not sure how to set up your digital wallet, here’s a step-by-step guide:

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  • Add the Metamask extension to your browser

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  • Click “Get Started”

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  • Choose “Create a Wallet”

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  • Create a password that you will need every time you open your Metamask walletoU4Et58oDUG 0T0am4PTmS018zFBkkw4uDvvD R1QvlMYQdYvV2wOf is7EUvbPadSFzEjtZQU3k6AWueRjBEYnOmCFLQlTYa03IgPQI8DA5rPu62vKF5PpAvMpGi1dpzA450M syS8Pv6C6LgQ
  • The most important thing here is to save the Secret Recovery Phrase. If you lose access to your wallet, your coins will be lost forever. You need to keep it safe, and you should not share it with anyone else.

  • Congratulations you already created your Metamask wallet!PCMQ9A7PjU1PQrQEFEzIYU9rl1JS99jwoJhV2gt iJv7qubKelFCfi 1NTjnBBxAf32pGx1 Q9bN6lSs6CzQWnxk6lAVCPCrRKhmQwhhudkrE3jrvCTsKN5yyayZgWWmloWD mnRgL21iuf7Ebg

Step 3: Send crypto to the Metamask wallet

We’re sending now your Ethereum to your Metamask wallet so you can buy an NFT on OpenSea. In this example, we will use Binance as your crypto exchange.

  • Login to your Binance account. Go to your Wallet > Fiat and SpotBMNESzy1KorOg9PErVdpu06TnlxYMK1jK9VXukTzG3oFdFfaBvGU Ha6w0Y5cgvfGPs0Ki 7LNHEN2BXwhcON90G6h
  • Deposit some Ethereum to your Metamask wallet. Select the coin Ethereum, make sure you select the correct “Network” which is ERC20 and paste your Ethereum address in the “Address” field.6RCDcoNmJ2WCyaZYjyfN6 mChXNNY3RqbPBq 8Y gTkPWv7W8yr4l2IT91PZ5ML4Xg8TZVEwvp8KLcPAYL83muTD635fyFvnphI5T0RiyAldyhrRKtLiFvuiWTaNPaGkZoASomJE HI5COn9VWM

Note: You need to copy your Ethereum address on your Metamask wallet and use it during the deposit process. Go to your Metamask wallet on you will be able to see it.

  • Congratulations! You successfully deposited Ethereum on your Metamask wallet.


Step 4: Create your NFT listing on the marketplace

You’re about to list your first NFT on OpenSea, and we couldn’t be more excited. Alright, let’s list your First NFT on OpenSea!

  • Connect your Metamask wallet to OpenSea by clicking the wallet icon

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  • Accept and sign, then confirm all the prompts that will show

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  • Choose “Create” to start listing your NFT

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  • Upload your NFT art and you’ll need to include several pieces of information about your NFT:

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  • Name: Give your item a title that accurately describes what it is.
  • External Link: Link to your own webpage
  • Description: Include any relevant information about your NFT here, such as its rarity or whether it’s an item from a specific collection or game
  • Supply: The number of items that you want to mint.
  • Blockchain: We are choosing Ethereum for your NFT
  • After you fill out all the details, click “Create”

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  • You created now your first NFT listing. Let’s go to the final step!

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Step 5: Sell your NFT on the marketplace

  • The last step is to sell your NFT on the marketplace. To do so, you will need to go to your listing and click “Sell”.

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  • Put a price on your NFT and click “Complete Listing
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  • You to need confirm all the transactions on Metamask wallet in order to completely finish listing your NFT. Make sure that you have enough Ethereum for gas fee.

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Here is how it look’s like after you successfuly listed your NFT:
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Final Thoughts

The NFT market is still pretty new, but unlike many of the other markets, it is getting a lot of attention from all different areas. We’re seeing investors getting involved, traders getting into it, and people who just want to learn about crypto are piling on as well. And considering that it may one day be the way that things like in-game currency and assets are exchanged, it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

Now that you’ve put in all of this work, it’s time to share your creation with the world. You don’t need to be a sophisticated dev or have a vast marketing team—you just need to follow the steps above, and spend the necessary time to communicate with your community. And if you want any special advice, feel free to reach out in the comments below!