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MicroStrategy Ready To Work with Bitcoin Lightning Network as it Searches a Software Engineer

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MicroStrategy, one of the most prominent companies that purchased Bitcoin (BTC), is now searching for a Lightning Software Engineer. The job listing published a few days ago offers a full-time position at Tysons Corner, VA, United States. This shows that MicroStrategy is planning to start working with the Lightning Network (LN) and help the whole Bitcoin ecosystem expand. 

MicroStrategy Searches for Lightning Software Engineer

MicroStrategy, the recognized business intelligence company, is looking for a Software Engineer that would be working with the Lightning Network. The goal is to create new innovative solutions and expand possible e-commerce use cases with the Lightning Network.

The Lightning Network is a second-layer scaling solution for Bitcoin that aims at making BTC transactions faster, cheaper, and more private without congesting the main Bitcoin blockchain. Thanks to it, it is now possible to process very fast transfers for almost no fees. Therefore, MicroStrategy searching for a Bitcoin Lightning Network Software Engineer is a very positive thing for the development of the whole crypto and BTC ecosystem. 

The open position is called “Bitcoin Lightning Software Engineer” and requires a person that will build a Lightning Network-based Saas platform, providing enterprises with innovative solutions to cyber-security challenges, among other use cases such as eCommerce. 

MicroStrategy is searching for a person with experience building software solutions that leveraged Bitcoin’s blockchain and the Lightning Network. At the same time, the ideal candidate should also have experience building or working with other decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. 

The application form requires candidates to bring the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field; Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science/Engineering a plus
  • Minimum 2+ years software development experience in an Agile environment
  • Experience in development on Linux, MacOS, and/or Mobile platforms
  • Excellent object-oriented design, development, and debugging skills
  • Strong analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • Strong knowledge of data structures, algorithms, operating systems, distributed systems, and other fundamental Computer Science concepts
  • Experience with Rally or other Agile Management tools preferred,
  • and more.

Other requirements include building cloud solutions, advanced AWS certifications, experience with Kubernetes, a deep understanding of software security concepts, and more. The Bitcoin Lightning Network could continue to expand in the future thanks to companies developing on top of it and creating new solutions for consumers and users all around the world. 

MicroStrategy is just one of the many companies that could be working with the LN and other crypto exchanges are already developing new LN solutions as well. 

MicroStrategy has been a leading company in the crypto industry. With Tesla, Microstrategy purchased Bitcoin. According to Bitcoin Treasuries, MicroStrategy holds 1.03% of the current Bitcoin supply and 0.619% of the total Bitcoin that will ever be in existence (21 million). 

Furthermore, Bitcoin Treasuries reports that MicroStrategy holds 130,000 BTC, more than all the other companies in the world holding Bitcoin together (excluding Funds, ETFs, governments, and similar). The second company with the largest Bitcoin holdings is Tesla, Inc. holding 9,720 BTC of 0.046% of the total Bitcoin supply. 

As reported by CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin has a price per coin of $19,700 and a market capitalization of $377 billion. This shows that despite falling from a $1 trillion market cap, BTC remained the most valuable digital asset in the world. 

Table of Contents


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