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Nomura Bank Signs Partnership With Crypto Firms To Offer Bitcoin Custody Services

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The Japanese bank Nomura Holdings is getting ready to offer crypto custody services to users and investors that would require them. In order to do so, the financial firm is going to be partnering with CoinShares, a recognized investment house, and with the crypto hardware wallet provider Ledger. The information was officially released a few days ago. 

Nomura Bank Plans to Launch Digital Asset Custody

The new solution is going to be helping institutional investors to handle their virtual currencies. This is going to be very positive for the industry since it will provide better standards and it will also attract more users that were before on the sidelines due to a lack of trust in the current systems. 

This new hybrid institutional-grade custodial for institutional investors is going to be certainly useful for companies that believe that the decentralized finance industry must be institutionalized, regulated and deal with compliance issues. The name of the platform is going to be Komainu and it is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission. 

During the last years, companies and firms decided to remain outside the market due to the lack of professional services related to custody. Moreover, regulations were not so clear and standards were not adopted by this industry. 

In this way, Komainu will be leveraging the expertise from banking, fund management and cyber-security so as to allow multi-asset support, be compliant with regulations and become integrated with legacy financial solutions. 

The CEO and co-founder of CoinShares and Komainu, Kean-Marie Mognetti, said that the maturity of the crypto industry is showing the real potential for decentralized finance solutions in the world. 

About it, Mognetti stated:

“What this partnership has highlighted is the need for credible and solid service providers to support industry participants. Komainu bridges the gap by bringing financial expertise and capabilities for institutional clients to feel confident their assets are in safe hands.”

Furthermore, Jezri Mohideen, the Global Chief Digital Officer, Wholesale at Nomura, mentioned that the new venture between Nomura, Ledger and CoinShares will be very helpful in order to bridge the gap between legacy financial solutions and the growing cryptocurrency market. 

Ledger will be playing a very important role in developing possible hardware solutions. They have already been working on a wide range of products which banks, financial firms and other companies are currently looking for in order to offer better solutions to their clients around the world. 

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