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Russia Opens the First Blockchain School in Moscow

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Russia launches its first blockchain school with the intention to focus on the technical aspects of the Ethereum network. The school has opened at Moscow’s Phystechpark one of the most important tech hubs for capital and business development in the country. The school is ready to start with the lessons as soon as in March.

First Blockchain School in Russia

Russia has been a country that has produced important figures in the cryptocurrency world. Among these individuals we can find Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s founder and Pavel Durov, Telegram founder, who wants to create the biggest Initial Coin Offering linked to its platform.

Indeed, Vitalik Buterin will be part of this project acting as a project consultant.

The country seems very interested in the technology and it has shown in different ways. The country may soon launch its own cryptocurrency known as the “cryptoruble” and has opened two crypto agencies in Vladivostok.

Now, Moscow will be the home to the first cryptocurrency school in Russia. A press release from Osnova, the holding behind Phystechpark, stated:

“On February 12, the Moscow School of Programmers and the Metropolitan IT hub Phystechpark signed an agreement to launch the training course ‘Introduction to Application Development on Ethereum Blockchain’.”

The school will teach students the theory of organization and architecture of blockchain networks. It will also train students so as to create Ethereum-based applications. The school program is expected to last one semester with students selected on a competitive basis.

Blockchain Courses Spreading

As demand for workers with blockchain skills is growing, the schools and universities providing blockchain related courses are growing all over the world. The best US business schools are training their students in order to be prepared for the coming technology disruptions that come with Blockchain.

The Stern School of Business at the New York University will offer a course for undergraduate students. In Dubai, a developer training program has been supported by the government. In Argentina, one of the most important technologic universities is offering a Cryptocurrency specialization.

Clearly, the technology is spreading, but that does not meant that studying in these universities will be cheap!

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

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