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Venezuela Gives Free Petros to Doctors to Fight Against Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus crisis has reached all the world, including Venezuela, where hospitals are already reporting hundreds of cases of COVID-19. Dictator Nicolás Maduro has already announced they are going to support doctors by giving them one Petro for their work. It is worth noting that the country has been affected by a severe economic and social crisis since communism was established. 

Venezuela Airdrops Petros to Doctors

According to the twitter page @CarnetDLaPatria, Maduro decided to give a special bonus to doctors in order to fight against Coronavirus. Although Maduro claims doctors have all of his recognition, the reality speaks by itself. 

The country has been involved in a deep economic and social crisis that multiplied poverty and pushed the economy into one of the largest recessions experienced by a country that didn’t fight a war. Individuals do not have access to basic things such as toilet paper, meat, milk and many other products. 

Regarding the current crisis, doctors are trying to deal with it without masks, gloves or the necessary materials to be protected against the Coronavirus. This virus has already affected more than 1.000.000 individuals around the world and the number is considered to be much larger than what it is officially reported. 

Despite the announcement of the Petro airdrop, people still don’t know how to exchange it for goods or services. Venezuela is also experiencing hyperinflation for some years, which is making it even more difficult for individuals to handle their daily lives and economy. 

The twitter account announcing the current airdrop received several comments in which Venezuelan citizens claim that they have never received the help promised. Moreover, others claimed they cannot do anything with the 0.5 Petros received months ago. It is worth mentioning that the Petro can now be acquired in local crypto exchanges for a price of $20 and up to $25. 

The situation is tragic in Venezuela. The government wants to incentivize doctors to help in the current situation. However, things are completely different than what it was in the past. After years of crisis and with oil close to recent lows, the country is going to be facing hard moments trying to fight with the COVID-19

Hospitals are trying to get basic needs such as disinfectant and soap to keep doctor’s hands clean at all times. Nonetheless, without masks and the proper installations, things are going to be even worse in the coming months. 

Table of Contents


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