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Aliant To Pay Compensation Package To Employees In Bitcoin and Litecoin

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Aliant Payments, the leading U.S. provider of merchant services and payment processing company, will be paying employees compensation package using cryptocurrencies. 

Employees will receive their compensation package in a combination of Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC). These are two of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. The information was released by the company in a press release. 

Aliant To Pay Employees in Litecoin and Bitcoin

Aliant Payments will become one of the first companies to pay employees’ compensation package in Bitcoin and Litecoin

Eric Brown, the CEO of Aliant believes that the fintech industry is growing and changing rapidly and this is a good opportunity for employees to move towards digital currencies. 

The CEO has also mentioned that each member of the Aliant team has interest in cryptocurrency, not just as something they work on in the office. Mr. Brown believes that the more the team utilizes digital currencies, the better the customer and user experience will be. 

“The more our team utilizes digital currency, the better our customer user experience will be,” said Brown. “This benefits Aliant as a company, and our employees as invested customers.”

Aliant was one of the first payment processing companies that offered merchants the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments in September 2017. 

Later in 2018, the firm announced that it was working on its own domestic and fully compliant solution to process crypto payments and convert the funds to USD. 

Moreover, merchants could also have next day payouts, which is not common in the payments industry based on legacy solutions. 

About cryptocurrency adoption, Brown explained:

“Adoption happens when you’re able to earn cryptocurrency, and then go on to spend it. Being a leader in the crypto and payments space, the Aliant team is always working to educate merchants and lead by example.”

The crypto solution called CryptoBucks focuses on mitigating the risk of volatility of cryptocurrencies for merchants. 

Merchants tend to be worried about the volatile nature of digital currencies considering they can lose – or gain – over 20% of their value in just a few minutes and hours. This is certainly something that merchants do not want to experience with their earnings. 

A few months ago, UseTheBitcoin reported that Deloitte, one of the big four auditing firms, would allow its staff to pay for lunch using Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Litecoin are two of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market. Currently, Bitcoin has a price of $8,123 and a market capitalization of $146 billion. Meanwhile, Litecoin is the 6th largest cryptocurrency with a price of $54 and a market capitalization of $3.45 billion. 

Table of Contents


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