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Brave Ads and Rewards Could Be Released Next Month For iOS Users

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The Brave web browser could soon add support to rewards and ads for iOS users. According to a recent post on Reddit, the team behind Brave is working in order to implement these features for iOS in the coming two weeks. 

Rewards and Brave Ads for iOS Users

According to a recent post on the r/BATProject subreddit, there are yet 21 issues that must be addressed before launching rewards and ads for iOS users. 

Brave is a privacy-focused web browser that allows individuals in selected regions to earn rewards for their attention watching ads. The main difference between Brave and traditional web browsers is the fact that Brave comes with privacy solutions as a default option. 

Individuals can be sure that they will not receive ads while surfing the web, compared to Google Chrome or Safari. However, the firm allows users to be rewarded with Basic Attention Token (BAT) every single time they watch an add and interact with it. 

Indeed, users that consent to view privacy-preserving ads are rewarded with 70% of the ad revenue share in BAT. 

In traditional web browsers, the companies behind them take all the profit from displaying relevant and intrusive ads to users. 

According to the official GitHub site of Brave, they have already 38 issues closed, and the whole process is 64% completed. Before November 6, it is expected for the team behind Brave to have rewards and ads on iOS already built. 

Back in July 2011, the company announced they expanded their advertising platform to mobile devices. However, the solution was only available to Android users around the world. 

At the same time, UseTheBitcoin reported that Brave became the most downloaded web browser for Android in Japan surpassing competitors such as Firefox and Opera. 

In addition to it, the browser user base continues to grow by 10% monthly, according to the founder Brian Eich.

With the new solution for iOS, it will be possible for Brave to attract a larger number of users that want to be part of the Brave rewards program. Users will not only have their privacy protected but they will also be able to earn rewards for their time and attention. 

Brendan Eich has also commented that they are building a web browser for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to reach mass adoption around the world. In addition to it, he stated that Brave is among the top projects in terms of user growth and adoption. Could brave de-throne Chrome in the future years?  

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