Brazil Analysing the Possibility to Process Petitions and Laws on Ethereum

ยท 08 Jan 2018 in Crypto News, Home

The biggest and most powerful South American country is moving towards a new way of writing laws and process petitions. The intention is to use Ethereum’s network in order to provide a simpler, more efficient and trustful electoral system. Brazil has been involved in different corruption scandals that has diminished the trust in the political class. With this reform, hundreds of millions of votes will be processed through an immutable Blockchain network.

Brazil Could Vote with Ethereum

More than 145 million voters are enabled to vote for different popular petitions all over the country. These petitions are created to debate on important political and social decisions. According to several experts, Brazil has a structural problem on its electoral system that is one of the basis of most of the country’s political issues.

Gabriel F. Barbosa, Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs wrote:

“The fact that Brazil needs to review its political system is undeniable. But so are the risks associated with making a bad system worse. We shall turn our attention to more profound, but often neglected, questions that are important to the understanding of the necessity to reform the Brazilian electoral system.”

With this new project, Brazil could reduce the electoral bureaucracy and move toward amplifying mechanisms of public participation. That’s why the Brazilian legislators, led by the congress adviser Ricardo Paixao, are planning different ways to use the Ethereum Blockchain in order to store and process electoral votes. mosc

With this new system, votes will be encrypted onto the immutable Blockchain to ensure that the data remains unalterable and invulnerable to manipulation. These votes would require the use of smart contracts and would operate in a similar way as other decentralized applications.

Moscow Vote System: Active Citizen

At UseTheBitcoin we explained how Moscow has implemented a voting system through the Ethereum Blockchain. This is a revolutionary way of voting that is being debated in many different places around the world.

There are different proposals around the world like the Democracy Earth which intends to create a world without political intermediation but empowering citizens.

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