Jimmy Song at Consensus Conference ‘Bitcoin Is The Real Innovation’

· 15 May 2018 in Cryptocurrency News, Home
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The Consensus Conference at New York is already leaving some important phrases to discuss about. While some bankers and figures say that Blockchain is the real innovation behind virtual currencies, Bitcoin developer and entrepreneur, Jimmy Song, said that Bitcoin is the real innovation -not blockchain.

Jimmy Song Believes Bitcoin is the Real Innovation

While speaking during a panel at the Consensus Conference in New York, the famous figure Jimmy Song gave some unexpected comments for the audience.

“I don’t really see much of this stuff gaining much traction,” commented about Blockchain, for him, Bitcoin is ‘the real innovation here.”

The panel was conformed by Mr. Song, Joseph Lubin, Ethereum’s co-founder and Amber Balder, former blockchain program lead at JP Morgan.

In different Tweets, Jimmy Song explained that the Conference needed to be a bit better organized, but that he liked the experience of being there and participating.

He wrote in Twitter:

“What I said wasn’t anything special. I verbalized what probably a large amount of people in the audience were thinking and much of the reaction in the room was indicating that they, too, didn’t get anything of substance from the presentation.”

Moreover, he said that he enjoyed sharing stage with Mr. Lubin and that he would love to do it again in 2023. During their presentation, Lubin said that he would bet any amount of bitcoin just to prove that he is wrong.

“Any suggestions on a good objective metric that fairly measures whether a non-money blockchain project gets traction would be great. In the meantime, I had a great time and regardless of how the bet goes, I would love to do a panel in 2023 with Joe Lubin,” wrote Jimmy Song.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general are revolutionizing an important amount of industries. And that’s something that can be objectively seen. Financial institutions, banks, and governments are adopting cryptocurrencies as well as distributed ledger technology.

In order to have a clearer outlook about what Mr. Song says, we will have to wait at least until the next year when new projects and technologies will appear and disrupt new industries.

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